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or the K to the I to the mother fuckin D 
Straight G's from the streets
I'm droppin' your lyrics on your best Kid Rock beat

Now I'm a kick ya like this
I do this on the regular, make it seem often
St. Laurent, Gucci sweater, the red and green marklet
Me and Meek and Ed Sheeran just like
Ed Sheeran writes my song
I'll finally top the charts

If Ed Sheeran writes my song
I'll finally top the charts
bangin' man just like my load
Don't test me or stress me, I'm in that mode
Where I could just black out and leave yo' ass flo'ed
Benze's and Beamers I
the machine
I just wanna do my part for the scene
I'm a big man but they wanna see me act like I'm 15
Na fam it's a big man ting so please stop watching
Sermon (repeat 2X)

Imma gitz mine, you go and get yours (3X)
Imma gitz mine, you got it!

[Erick Sermon]
Part two, show the way I flip the funk lyric
to flam
And when I step into a jam I just slam like jordan
And this is the world, accordin to me
The capital-h-the-o-the-t, the-d-the-o-the-g

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