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the other day, uh
I don't even know her name, uh
But she jumping out the window
Yes man like ten-four
In her throat like a lymph node
I can tell you what

The feelings remain 

Like scars on the skin

Don't bleed anymore 

The lymph has gone by

To feed memories 

What it may have been

To wake
genre's lymph nodes are swole up
It's time to check it for Strep or some Tonsillitis
'Cause like what they swab you with when your throat hurts
System's waste 
Size 25, the lymph still be in place 
Stretch and extending, for flexin is impending 
It's not mind-bending or refriending to keep
up like Lymph nodes
Been a go-getter from the get go
Always talkin' bout what you was finna do
Damn broad thought that you were finna get dough
Swollen with liquid
Ready to burst
A load of my lymph
Will quench this dead body's thirst
One month in the grave
Twisted and half decayed
Swollen with liquid
Ready to burst
A load of my lymph
Will quench this dead body's thirst
One month in the grave
Twisted and half decayed
is drenched
Your mouth is ripped inside-out as your esophagus is wrenched

Maggots and grubs bore into the moldy remains
Masticating lymph, caked
veterans to greenhorn.
Beat it; make a bee-line; be lax or you'll be outed.
Spit words that's really cold, pinchin' lymph nodes, El.
The inconvenience
I have a hard time breathing
My nose is running
I've got a sore throat
Developed swollen lymph nodes
High fever makes me dizzy
No stopping my cough
Though on a thread of nylon
A heretic I hung,
On the gallows of the lingerie you adorned.

If I´d offered you the lymph  
Of this most sacred Bee,
to my turf tight 
Get, low like a Smurf might earth is my birthright 
You salivate at the sound of the bell 
I come sick and make your lymph nodes
Virus-like influenza
Invade complete lymph system
Gargling and gagging on mucous
My life-every pore in a state of menstruation
your lymph nodes 
And lungs that look like leather wallets
There's polyps all up inside and along
Your upside down, giant swollen colon's wall
So thank
in with the corpse's lymph. Slowly draining the ichor out of Existence, to be drunk with lasting fervor, until The Unconscious takes over. With resolve
Rappers suffer from swolen glands and torn lymph nodes
When in this mode I feel invincible
Bringing true talent instead of acting like Victoria
front of him admiring my ego, my power 

I am one, but not alone, I have begun to grow and I just want to go on 
I want more lymph, more flesh to feed
lymph with the blood of the Jews// Being part of their system?/ No, I prefer a sorrowful death.// No, no, don't go round with the Jews/ Reclaim you
the operating theatre, 
But the doctors couldn't find a heart, 
His lymph glands running motor oil. 
His calloused fingers lie inert, 
Their intricate ability
of fire once more
and I find myself again alone in the dark.
I celebrate the ancient names of this pagan winter
looking for lymph and power
for his soul
Venereal warts cover my dick
Sores from sex infect you orally
Scabs fucked off my lymph secretes
I'm coming releasing with each stroke
stay aligned
Yes, I'm free

What if I was to need some medicine for my lymph nodes?
I'm a pimp with these hoes
My bitch gave me kiss and my neck
on mixtape, dammit where did you find it?
Opportunities knocking, walk you ass thru that front door
Put your pride in your lymph nodes
Know this world is so
piece of jasper/dead raven's tongue and slaver/of drake and dragon's tail/but now, you, for my soul and for my sweet/livin' lymph,/will you be ready

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