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that run the boat they know all about runnin' boats. 
They know all about hoistin' up land lubbers 
N' battenin' down hatches 
N' doin' all sorts
the bulkhead
Ships floor is red
Yeah, that lubber's dead
It ain't a mystery
I'm infamous in  history
Lubbers ain't never did spit to me
Navies can't get to me
in the gutter wanna cut it with the same old hoe 
Every other stunner with a tub of lubber 
Got a cover for the little man who sit inside they soul
We're Tortuga's Toughest

Curse me for a lubber boys, keep it under control lets drink some rum!
No deaths by the sword, no hostages swore
Tonight's not
do roll
And the stormy winds do blow
And we poor sailors are skipping at the top
While the land-lubbers lie down below, below, below
the land-lubbers lie down below, below, below 
While the land-lubbers lie down below
That even landlocked lubbers yearn
For the sea like navy men

'Cause now we say goodnight 
From our own separate sides
Like brothers on a hotel bed
and loathsome and loaning
And logo and then locomotion
There's lotus and lottery, lobo, lobotomy
Logic and loosen and lotion.

Lozenge and lubber and lucky
Wicks going up, load 'em up and throw em up
Me rifle be frightful, fear it's arrival
Lubbers fear for survival
They swear on their bibles
I don't go off
Driven by the trades
Waving at the lubbers
Thinking about the dream

Sometimes it would look all fine
And you would too when I turn around
Went off steep;
wide open got zealotry
Mind is wide open got zealotry

I smoke pipe like a plumber! 
Cop shit, no land lubber 
At home cooking up another 
damn you dumb,
knock your block off you dirty land lubber!)
The Captain pressed hard on his crew
The spray whipped up as the wind blew
Mutiny was the word aboard
Let's escape all those
Land-lubber woes
I'll make you the queen
Of our submarine
Oh will you build with me
A city in the sea
Oh it can just be
Just you
we've all been through it dude stop
Smartest land lubbers travel by boat
Every man wonders what the land holds
Silly bands under all my damn clothes
waiting for you here, nothing but the gallows for you
Don't be a lubber, let's be square, these rats don't parley true

Sail away, sail away me boys
beneath the waves  

Strait to the bottom where it's all wavy
Let's visit a vision, late lover's lair 
Whip of the salt drives you land lubbers crazy
were a ship of fools
O I know you were a ship of fools
You tried to take them to new trade
But they were afraid to follow.
Land-lubbers of the lowest
We've carved a bucket o' blubber from every liberal lubber
And to the bottom fought 'em as we wished 'em pleasant journey
We're gaggin' every elitist
Now he's the one who sings while the lubbers scrub the floor
(Oh my, oh my, oh my)
And he's the one who laughs when the storm begins to roar

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