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(paul carrack/nick lowe)

I live on a battlefield
Surrounding by the ruins of a love we built
And them destroyed between us
The smoke has cleared
and the prophets say
Not your father nor your mother nor your lover's
Gonna ever make it go away.
And now there's too much darkness
In an endless night
To be
sense not to live for fun
Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb
So much to do so much to see
So what's wrong with Nick in the Backstreets
legal if it's owned by a doctor
Everything you do in private is illegal
Everything's legal if the government can see you
Don't get me wrong, America is
One two, one two, one two
I am the Overweight Lover MC, Heavy D
This one goes out to my man DJ Eddie F
Trouble T-Roy my partner G-Wiz
This also
on the hill!
Ive got a gal that lives on the hill!
Tell me wont ya come out tonight?!

The bootlegger's daughter and I love her still!
Lover her still,
I live on an island far away
All by myself, there's no one else
Nobody calls but that's okay
Don't need their help, I'm by myself
Nobody here to make
the heat up by the big dog (but I don't wanna hold you back)
Nigga gotta get this dough (I just wanna live my life)
Nigga gotta get this dough (Live your
extraordinary ways... everyway "rideout"

They want to be like you, smoke like you, live like you
But they can't fuck with, thug like him, dro like
made by men with itty bitty penises 

The streets of this world they are my playground I explore them 

Meet somebody I don't like and I ignore them
you don't know way
It's easy to do when you live a life
Put it that way for you and I

And you know go, go, go living like lovers
The we, by, by
tell me that you don’t cry
'Cause days as they go by
Have brought me birds that don’t fly
So tell me that you don’t cry

Today all day I thought
Started as lovers don't know where it's gonna end 

Some friends had to disappear 
But left a hole for us to grow there in their light 
Time keep
hearts, two lives inspected by the light
Two hearts, two cities in decay
Two lives repair them as we might
Two hearts just go on crumbling, now come
Christmas forever (forever, forever)
And the weeks and the months go rushing by
Now this year we have learned how to live

How to forget, and how
just want to die)
(I just want to break down and die, die, die, die)
How I'd ever make it by (I don't know) without you, baby (without you, baby) 

We gonna go for a ride
Just drive
We were born to fly

Take down the top we don't need it anymore
Drive this road with the pedal
a hold me cause they wouldn't have a case  

So don't you hurry don't rush me no in a no haste  
Me na go chat dais one fast ca a no race me a race
Started as lovers don't know where it's gonna end 

Some friends had to disappear 
But left a hole for us to grow there in their light 
Time keep
are so good for me (Just how I want to be baby)

But you're gone
But you're gone
Don't let it go
Don't let it go
If you don't try
If you don't
how I wanna be baby)

We're so high, I'm watching all the clouds drift by below me
We should try, it's been so long since I made you cry
Long live
and hair is sacred 
Then why we can't be naked in public 
It's totally natural like sex is but this is 
A law that had to be made by men with itty bitty
A little order, a little grace,
Something new to fill up this place,
Live a thousand lives by picture,
Mark, this song is for you,
I'm a lousy lover - I
shit, me I'm 'bout to go ape shit
Got eight chicks on eight molly's and they about to take eight trips
Dice game, eight trips, got a Houston Rocket from
to live by the ocean 
And no one is pleased
She gets a house in the mountains 
The next day the next day she leaves the station

Do you really want

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