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like 15 men lay dead
In a path that led us straight to Santa Rosa
Now and then ol' Mick'd say
Boy at home you should of stayed

Than to follow me
sleeps in bed.  
That fat boy fills his belly,  
My poor boys's a dead,  
While we say.  

Little by little by little,  
And stone by
Every day on the third or fourth page
There you was quite the rage

Somehow you was all kinda cheap 'n wrong
Just like in a lotta small towns
Drop it boys

I say hey man, whatcha doing later on?
He said oh man, I’m just hanging out later on

I said I’ll swing by and get ya
And you’ll be
Livin’ on free food, tickets
Water in the milk from the hole in the roof
Where the rain came through
What can you do? Hmm

Tears from little sister
Show a little
A little pain
Unlock a lotta truth

When daddy was a young man
His home was livin' Hell
Mama tried to be so perfect
Now her mind's a padded

(That's foolish man, what's he got now
7 million albums? Ha!)

They said I wasn't from the streets
When I was working behind the scenes
all alone (boy, oh)
Cryin' your eyes out 'cause the woman that you love has gone
Oh, there's gonna be, there's gonna be
A whole lot of trouble in your
The hulk of a man with a beer in his hand he looked like a drunk old fool
And I knew if I hit him right why I could knock him off of that stool
man's in full effect 

Chorus: .75X + (rock on, rock on, rock on) 

[Craig Mack] 

Move with the funk 

Cause we makes the moves on down
and the man said well what do you know
I used to live in this little ol' one horse town bout six or seven years ago
I told my wife when I left here that I was
Get your ass out the God damn way
Yo man, the real motherfuckin winners is
The God damn Geto Boys for most fuck words in a song
The Bitch Killa
comin in at your backdoor
My rhymes hit hard, no games like ping-pong
I'm strong (like who Craig?) Kong!
I'm flexin, what's next in, my funk track
go by me think like I'm a flyin'
I sing a little song and I have lot of fun
Then a whistle blow and fore I know the big man he rolled my way
Me pull
, what the hell is y'all talkin' 'bout?
I been in the house all night
I don't know nothing 'bout that shit, man
I got the album right here, man, send this
to go way back to the bottom, what?

Man, what the hell is y'all talkin' 'bout?
I been in the house all night
I don't know nothing 'bout that shit,
For a land of beauty
Where it's pretty and neat
There's a whole lotta ugly
Up and down the street
An ugly boy
An ugly girl
In an ugly home
That was it, Sickology 101
Y'all know what I mean
Craig Smith, Nesto, Tech Nina nigga
In the air, motherfucker
Sound like a bird flying around
Here comes a rhyme in your ear
Craig Mack is here, so have no fear
My rhymes push the hack to the rear
I'm severe, rap pioneer, with funk I steer,
has a man that's always up on her
Tell her that's not what she needs in her corner
She needs a man that loves her for a whole lot of reasons
Not just
bring back my man Craig Mack
Aye yo you must wanna be in the Guinness Book of World Records
As the dumbest motherfucker alive figure you gon'
it's magic
See the little boy just standing there
A bow in his hand, a feather in his hair

Well don't you know it's magic
Ah baby its magic
Do it do it, he can do it, watch him do it
I got rhythm and a whole lot of soul
I can dance, I can shake it baby
I'm just a little country boy
folk drivin' in a black limousine
A lotta sad people thinkin' that's mighty keen
Son, let me tell ya now exactly what I mean
Thank God I'm a country
a license."

Well, now I got a little gal and her name Emilou;
She makin' me feel a-funny.
Well, I love that gal with a big lotta noise.
She gave me a kiss

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