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When the phoenix is going to rise
And the sunlight shines again

This was in 639
December the 7th
The end for the "kingdom of a thousand

Yeah, 911 heaven
Seven figure nigga, laced out with 7/11
Tonight she ain't yours
She off the 7th Heaven (Let's go)
Blowbama P, she call me
often search for profit but I ain't killed nobody stop it put
It on petro 7th sign voted for deathrow and the death note read
E baby debbie tell me did
Without you laying your head on me
But I was In chains in the rain
Lost my soul, now you know
I'm so sorry you had to suffer my lack of self-control
Selling sin is easy
Tainted empty v
Your eyes are heavy by the things you see
An uncontrolled addiction
You're all hooked up
A lost generation
Our Jesus wouldn't save my soul
He checked out when he lost control
The end of the world we can never save
The complicated things that drive us
Hands that are strong but wrinkled
Doing work that never gets done
Hair, that's lost some of the beauty
By too many hours in the sun

Eyes, that
Hands that are strong but wrinkled
Doing work that never gets done
Hair that's lost some of its beauty
By too many hours in the sun

Eyes that show
Hell a bad dream
I wanted to come here
Now I'll never leave

You've lost all control
You can't keep your mouth shut
Your sentence is silver but
Hands that are strong but wrinkled
Doing work that never gets done
Hair, that's lost some of the beauty
By too many hours in the sun

Eyes, that
Save the cursed by speaking the words

Political influence, his might even grew
Increase Control

Addicted and lost
Selling their souls
to their dreams
Bound by the depth of their love

If I can't hold on to you
If I can't hold on to you
There'll be a sky of fire and hell of blue
If all
right now
Right now, anyhow (what goes around comes around)
After somethin', all or nothin'
Goes right by ya, sends no motion
Why we let it take control
in my soul
And when you touched me
I knew I had lost control

Woman, stay, show me the way
Into your heart, light up the dark
I've always dreamed
in the night.

Sometimes it feels like I'm standing in your dreams
Days in heaven will be stronger day by day.

Sanctuary is my penalty in this
They say Heaven is a place 
Where our pain is washed away
With no room for all the torment
Of choices that we've made
I'm a broken man saved by
Born to this world, but for what? Deceit takes control, as the heavens cry. Waste of life, waste of time, nothing can be done. We were born to die,
'cause you know that love will always take control
It's out of your hands
Love as a plan
So don't try to read the writing in the heavens
Let me be a ship lost at sea that the winds rock and roll;
Whirling, swirling, twirling, out of control, 
That music drives me crazy,
I believe that if I choose to live by faith
That God will give me strength to make it each and every day

For we are lost without a Savior, to save us
of position, deploying ammunition
I'm free from your holy beliefs
Your pockets are bled, to Christ you're wed
Gaze at the lost sheep
I am in command
on the weak, poor and directionless. 'command' is narrated by one who is under their 'spell' and one who has just freed himself from one of these cult-like
towards heaven 
With full control of His mind
With more love than any human heard 
Before that time or since 
He made a statement that to this day
Are you living for love?
I've been under the gun
I've lost and I've won

(two, three, four)

Forget the many steps to heaven
It never
I've been a victim of some sorry circumstance
That was committed by somebody else's hand
And only heaven knows how I've ended up so broke
I ain't