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words and music by Curley Williams
- lyrics as recorded by Rosemary Clooney in 1951

If you loved me half as much as I love you
You wouldn't
Pre>a lot of people helped with the lyrics, notably william wittman.
Thanks ww and everybody!

Intro: g#m c#m g#m c#m ebm g#m

G#m c#m g#m c#m ebm
And faraway frowns
Trying to be good
By not being 'round
And here in the bar
The piano man's found
Another nail for my heart

If you ever change
she's got her back turned on me
And she's courting whoever she please

[Instrumental break]

Well, I lost my money in gambling
And I lost my name,
Maybe we've made a mistake it's too late we'll never know
We can't change it girl 'cause I just have to go


* repeat

On these lonely
life's lost it's charm
This could be for us just any other day
So come on girl, we really got to get away
It's the only chance you'll ever have
around to steal her

Years I've gambled and lost like summer wages.

And we'll keep rolling on till we get to Vancouver

And the woman that I love is
want every boy to pass you by 
But the tables turned (the tables turned) 
'Cause his words tell you're done 
Now the hurt's on you 
Your little
** under the heel of a stranger he holds you captive by his charms
I saw the signs but not the danger now he's the hero in your arms

Every night
touched the sky, oh
I could not hold back the tears from my eyes

Love welcome home, I've been so alone
Dying inside, 'cause I'm so lost without you
dead by dawn
But let's get get get get get get get get it on
I want to get get get get get get get get it on


Charging the windmill
I'll give you lovin'

I'll give you kisses
Sweet as honey
I'll do you everything
'Cept make the sun shine

If I could change the world
the world get faster day by day? you better get a clear head hey
What a shock you better start to pray even the dumb got something to say
Even the blind ain't
Those silver sailing ships
Go sailing by
It's all your mind
It's gonna be alright
This time


Seasons change
Into summer
not been done
I'll taunt you and I'll torment you


Have this way with a dream never leave me so it seems
Life by night, life by day,
Another foolish game, 
I guess this time you lost, 
No more keeping score, of what was said and who said what
Too bad you couldn't see 
What you
to set by
Gotta let my feelings all shine
You know that it will be all right
Gotta get your loving just right

Lost myself by heaven's chance
and oh what a change there'd be
The world would see a new Georgy girl

Instrumental Interlude

Hey there Georgy girl
Dreamin'; of the someone you
always be by your side
Take another look at Me, you can need Me
I know when you're tired, and when you're alone and lost

I'm not
and oh what a change there'd be
The world would see a new Georgy girl

Instrumental Interlude

Hey there Georgy girl
Dreamin'; of the someone you
to care 
Now it's so easy to be lost in a land 
Where no one wants to help you, no one tries to understand 
But we'll hold hands forever 
& we'll make
By My Side)
Give Me The Love That I Need
Baby Let's Lose Some Sleep Tonight


Sweetheart One Night Together
Is Not Nearly Enough
We Need
lost you(Have I lost you baby)
Tell me ooohhhhhhh


Why have I lost you baby?
I've been so lonely
an I been married twice
Yes, I been married twice
Well now you people know by that mean
Oh that I had been livin' the right kind of life
No, not
against me since the outset
9th got 'em fiending for an instrumental version of an album that ain't out yet
But now it's my outlet, and it feels so good