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now as I did then,
I've since become a different man.
London Town, turn be around, London Town, 
Carry me back, oh, London Town, 
Lost and found
and he made my day
Tarred and feathered in La Brea
What a pit, what a pit

I formed my own government
I cast pearls before the parliament
Got some
Let's get lost in an original sound
I heard a band that was better
Than the last one around
So take my time, my line, my beat down
I serve a God that
It sometimes feels like forever
Forever and a dog-down day

It was found in a state like this
By town and hammered up and a bloodied fist
Cove to cove, from all around the world
With my pieces of eight in capturing the fool
Or so the story goes. He found his bullion
Drunk, she stumbles down by a river
Screams calling London (London!)
None of us heard her coming,
I guess the carpet weren't rolled out

I met with Napper Tandy
And I shook him by the hand
He said "Hold me up for Chrissake
For I can hardly stand"
The most disgraceful journey
London, England. Sealed in a leather canister, the aged script was accompanied by an ornate bronze key of unknown origin. The author of the journal remains
The once lost, disciples -- now found
Bound, together, forever

Verse One:
As I embellish, mentally I nourish
The once lost disciples now found 
Bound together forever 

Verse One: 
As I embellish mentally I nourish 
My train pulled in to Waterloo
I found myself wishing you
Were here with me in London
Standing on the river Thames
Taking photographs
and lost souls to be followers of Set and his Seban fiends, who were the original enemies of Osiris and precursor role models on which later religious based
All for His renown
Those so weak
Those broken and in need
Are no longer bound
Oh in Him the lost are found

We stand among the millions crying
Let the mind race, at a fast pace
Take me to another place

Lost and found again
Right before the fork in the road
I start then begin
On your feet now rise, Defend yourself or hold your peace
Honored one's in disguise, to cast away or make believe
It's now a matter of opinion, be
only gone tomorrow and here today

Lotta rockheads on the block
Dougie died and Sue got frocked
If the stove is hot, then I ain't lost
And Rosa says my
be Cotton-Eyed Joe

Put it flat on the floor with a four/four beat
Add Monsieur Oiseau

Tragedy, Celtic tragedy
I lost myself in London, Paris,
You are the force I used to fear

Lost in reverie
I dream of sights I will never see

We are enchanted
By your need of protection
my life, I'm finally free
No longer torn in two
I learned about my life by living through you

This feeling inside me
Finally found my life, I'm
To re-iterate
Injury list
The stinking cast and the stinking east
In fear of bill
Three mile quaker
lost here
Harder still to get found

And though I've seen a thousand rivers
From the Mississippi to the Rhine
The only place that I'll lay my hat
A freezing cold December brings a chill into my heart
And fills me with an emptiness now we're so far apart
Lost in my confusion now through
flower--blighted by a wayward youth,
Has cast its seed on well-worn pathways--borne on winds of whispered truth.

We march to drums of our own choosing--each
ability mind stability much creativity 

39 steps 22 catch boxed in 
Tales of the city we are lost in 
Living in a haze I'm amazed by the ways in
the oceans 
Found their way into the valleys and the canyons

We were hoping to be whole by now, Hoping to bring healing down 
Around us in our violence,