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grow together, you ain't a part of me
Makin' niggas ride my long star singin' the choruses
Open offices they gon' go cop another fortresses

Cuz we're a long way from home
A long way from home
How did we get here?
One step takes me home
Two steps back on my own
Three skips
kindness fails
I only have a moment to explain
Just a chance to let you know
When it's time for you to board the train
There are two ways you can go
Negros turnin' up their nose
There's one way in no way out
No doubt the body count
Gettin' headz checkin' out

Do you wanna go our way
This the way
such a long time 
Finding my way all back out, whoa
Somehow you stood by 
Beyond when you should die 
I'm amazed at how things have turned out
There are 2 ways you can go

You can ride the wind into the sun
Feel a cool wind on your face
Or you can laugh into a loaded gun
And you'll likely
and what's right
He sees an eight by ten of two great kids and him and his wife
And he calls it a night

Everywhere you go you see the faces of reality
Do the damn thing baby
C'mon bring it now 
Go back like 8 tracks and cadillacs
Way before crack even similac
Hell with the wire taps
New booby
thing baby
C'mon bring it now
Go back like 8 tracks and cadillacs
Way before crack even similac
Hell wit the wire taps
New booby traps
Hear the hand claps
and visual keep my drips minimal messages subliminal
'Cause me and rap go way back we compliment
So together we enhance one another that's common sense
I went down to Taneytown
I went down to Taneytown
To see what I could see

My mama told me never go
I'm damn near twenty two years old
Sometimes I
You're all I need to get by
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)
Let the dog roam, he found his way back
Loyal to the soil, I never change that
We go way back, I can take
We destined to explode, that's why I stay on flip mode 
Your dick rode me long enough Dunn, now you can let go 

[Chorus: x2]
Every man in
New ones, so I can systematically do em
The old ones, huh, I already been through em
Two by two, I do em like Noah
Yes you know the time, so let's go
and Affection,' 
Like Mama used to say. 
A little Mayberry living 
Could go a long long way." 

Grandpa took Earl's shotgun down from the closet, 
And he
on the tracks
Rolling them bones until the foreman comes back
Pick up your belongings boys and scattere about
We've got an off schedule train comin' two miles
will be flipped I'm sure
Long Beach, right by the water
Respect is due when you walk through the border
Line, if you don't you might find your face in
Do just what I tell you
Don't come in any closer
And no one will get hurt
'Cause I dunno how long I can hold my heart in two

A rebel I be one
behind each bar,
Then a helicopter flew by.
"Say hi to Earl and Edith.
Tell 'm I'm doing fine.
Tell 'm it's time for them to let you go now,
one, two, one, two
One, two y'all, it's the ultimate shit
That you got to go get with the niggaz legit

[Large Professor]
You listen to a hardcore legend
away and let him be
He?s got a shotgun so go back home (Who? Who?)
Cause you?ll never get Mr. Jones (Mike Jones)

[Verse 2]
I used to get dissed by
Chiggie check, microphone check one
Chiggie check, microphone check two,
Chiggie check, microphone check three

Check game from the notorious Compton
and your fly ass bitch 
Throw off, go off, show off, I take that hoe 
If she proper, I'ma pop her the hole hopper 
It's back on the track 
With big
That's the way we do (That's just the way we do) 

Verse Two: Lord Jamar 

Yeah, we engage the enemy, arrange the assembly 

Flip through
they shoes
Teach them to walk straight
Cause honestly they got a long way to go
And what you tell 'em now is all that they know
See I remember when