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the jungle and hang by his toes
Till they took him to russia cause they could I suppose
They dressed him up in a spacesuit and it started to snow
Shot him off

O the ship dipped down
On the rim of the sky
And I waited while three
Long summers went by

Then one steel morning
On the white quay
I saw
a real, bitch, a oozie, by jacouzie, puff a blunt I did,
So why you actin (? ) we gettin crunk and did,
Run around givin g shot, party til the beat stop,
I see myself there waiting by the roadside
Laid claim to nothing but a black bag and the attire I stand in
No name, no history
Just a target on my
I see myself there waiting by the roadside
Laid claim to nothing but a black bag and the attire I stand in
No name, no history
Just a target on my
Well, I know how it feels to be ripped from my roots
And tossed into a world unbending
Not long ago I was bitten by the truth
Some folks spend their
Raining, raining, raining. Rain in sugar town. [Repeat: x 2]

A new day dawns across the tracks,
tile by tile the chimney stacks.
A city steeped
Yo yo check it 
Unattached and calm sundaes and pills I palm 
with intentions to make it to the league 
Intrigued by two letter cars SE's
that y'all, ya don't stop 
C'mon throw ya hands in the air 
Brand Nubian'll rock the sure shot
In the air, in the air

Word is bond, we got it goin
to snuff the tv
I heard beats, they sound like karaoke
With monkey rhymers on a leash like don't have this fairy choke me
Hit 'em with a penny so we can
There's a playground that we used to run on
The penny-drop that broke her arm
The monkey bars that you fell from
The swingset chain that stuck
I'm in a jungle
Lions, tigers and gorillas and shit nigga
It's a lot of monkey ass niggas out here too
How to hustle nigga
Rules, laws, strategy

Had a shindig everybody in mi casa
When I was approached by a lady trying to blend me proper
When she asked if I really was the king
I spy with my little eye
A murderer, a murderer
So long the ratchet in the streets
You never heard of her, streets you never heard of her
If you see me go by, put up a prayer"

Well, they rode all night, and they rode all day
Eastward, long down the broad highway
His spirit was tired
Drives by and splashes me
Get there the queue's outrageous
Ladies taking ages
My rage is blowing gauges
How long's it take to validate your wages?
nobody gonna) 
(look out for me...) 

It's the end of the road, It's like the red moon, 
Over Tibet, theory of the 12 monkeys, left in this cold war
we blow up and make riches
Bending corners on my independence
Long border penny board I handle business
I ain't trickin', I ain't trynna go pro
Phone ringing....
Little girl Monkey, where you at monkey??

And what, rappers wanna bring it to me
Oh, you the nicest M.C. (so so so
the shadows screamin', I ain't never been afraid'
And he shot out every street light on the promenade
Past the frozen ham-and-eggers at the penny arcade
the confusion, man, I seen jesus
My mom's on the phone long-distance from New York
Here comes the doctors again tryin to rip me apart
I got a monkey on my back, I
I feel you my nigga
Catchin 45s, being chased by the government, shit like that
I'm diggin it
Bitches you know, mindscapin, tryin to set a nigga
I started 
Playing guitar by the town memorial
All my songs were singing editorials
And when I'd done, the sermon on the mount
I counted my change
it can't deny it in the tiots was a looter
Used to hang with drive by shooters, stick 'em up for Honda scooters
Never was a scholar, make you throw
I come through your block? 
Sheek, Funk Doc, Meth on top 
Porsche, 300 horse fly by, back open pumpin How High (How High) 
Yeah, can y'all see that

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