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And callin' up ahead to make reservations
'Cause if men are from Mars and women are from Venus
I'm goin' to Venus

If you come by the house and I'm not in
a reservation
But if men are from mars and women are from Venus
I'm going to Venus

If you come by the house and I'm not in
You can call me long long long
the bedpost stays
Out here it’s all Bruno Mars and zero bars
So who I gotta talk to to get a little bar food after hours
Been working hard all night, we
you long distance 
On my car telephone (and I was alone) 
Now that's what I call reachin out to touch somebody 
At a million dollar zone 

But you
I've been on Mars, building the holy synagogue 

for the royal seminars, long before they had the renaissance 

there existed a hebrew lodge (Heavy