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lolling around
Making it bounce and keep it
Making it bounce and keep it
Making it bounce and making it and making it
Lets take it down to the hook right
that is safe.

Well I come up for air, come up for air.
After awhile the current's calling me,
Lolling me waving goodbye.
I'm out here alone, oh God

Will I come up for air, come up for air?

After a while the coroner?s calling me
Lolling me, waving goodbye
I'm out here alone, oh God, can you
Don't know where I've been
Here I go again
Beginning my descent
Reminiscing and recalling
Stalling and lolling around
Crawling, bawling on the ground
lolling shores, to get you oceanside. Oceanside.
   At rising tide, you're looking fresher than a July bride. We're picking up what our mothers always
I'll tell you something 
My big head is lolling right off of my shoulders 
My gut caterwauling 

The big eye is off me now 
From my body, a hissing
waters-lone and dead  
Their still waters-still and chilly   
With the snows of the lolling lily

By the lakes that thus outspread 
Their lone waters, lone
waters, still and chilly with the snows of the lolling lilly.

By the lakes that thus outspread their lone water, lone and dead.
Their sad waters, sad
pockets for to fill.
When lolling in my charlot so great a man I'll be,
So great a man, so great a man, so great a man I'll be,
You'll forget the little
in that state —
Lolling and splashing obscenely
Well, it seemed irrational, really
Washing that face;
Washing that matted and flea-bit pelt
At factories and office desk
Who watches them at evening, elbows lift at tavern tables,
Heads lolling in song
Ich weiss nicht wat ik zagen zollen

I saw
Lolling, some song,
Firing, a gun,
Darkness, has come.

Howling (howling),
How long (how long).

Hanging, up high
Swing in the sky
Cacti, still cry
the same
And I've got no one but me to blame
Lithely and listlessly lolling about
No sense of purpose, no twist to my shout

There's no right way to live
a dick
I jumped out the bog like pickle rick
Middle fingers up spin around slick
Lolling around  like yeah i'm a prick
Not feeling this ‎round earth shit
and stew
See baby be my sensi baby, yeah
You're the only one I can see baby, yeah
Hmm see, make you lolling yu baka, yeah
Now make yu saka your gogo, yeah
I wish I can talk to u instead of text u
Throw it away
Lolling back

Em... em...

I wish u can see the sun before the dawn
The rain whisper
The wind
Lousy lion
Looks like Azlan
Colored by actions
More like Ozlan
Trim that shit down
To a spine-hawk
Looks like Ed now
Lolling tongue out
Teeth gnash
seems to be so long

I can't resist i can't resist
I can't resist i can't resist

I cannot wait to satisfy my drive

The girls are poppin' up lolling
is over again
It's all I really want for Christmas, darlin'
You're sweet - I'm stallin' 'til Yuletide is over
Snow falling, red wine and lolling
about the fallen
The awe, the claws, tongue lolling
My skin adapts the pallour of ash
Drawn withered and torn
My eyes a violent, violet gash
to foreign field of view

Erase my memory
My lolling tongue flaps free
Listen to me say things I never knew
of the lolling lily

By the mountains near the river

With forms that no man can discover

For the tears that drip all over

By the grey woods, by the lakes,
one hour a week.
industries, in history books.
prospects, a commute.
postcodes left anonymous:
strangled at the roots.

St George,
left lolling
終着駅 目指す以外に
So I'm crawling
and walking from lolling
I need it you I gotta be...
You gotta be
後悔 なんてのは しない為に
Believe in your

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