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tuntun wole o
Orimi ba mi se oo
Ye ema je o jabole o
Loke loke loke lama malo
Loke loke loke la ma lo
Loke loke o
Moni ema jeo jaa boleh o
Loke loke loke
Era ile era ile won yin baba l'oke
Yanrin okun yanrin okun won n yin baba l'oke
Eranko ile eranko igbo won n yin baba l'oke
Awon alaini awon tan ti
In the realm of Svartalvheim
Where master forgers reign
Loke met with Eitri and Brokk
With malice and deceit, he got them to agree
To create nine
living a better life
And I’m thankful for the life that I am living (Nuh nuh)

Wizzy baby loke loke
Seb’Oluwa lo se o
Owo n wole wa
Seb’Oluwa lo se o ah
up yag
Clockin' major chedda loke
I'm all about my paper roll
I go to work on the East side jackin sucka bitches rides
Doin hella drive bys just
Djupe skogen, Loke-skrall
Jotun frista hammar-skrall
Mjøllne brest hugens hallar
Fjell og dalar drottens drønne-kall
I Utgard; Ake-Tor
For your back dem dey kick you o
Thunder go blow if you say I no go flenjor flenjor o

Right now I dey bubble and shuffle bubble and shuffle
Oluwa loke
We go dey okay
I just wan jaiye mi
Loke loke

Sheba sheba sheba le se o
Sheba sheba sheba oh oh
AG baby is your daddy

Na craze you dey find I get
K-Mac tell 'em
You sell 'em, I swell 'em, loke (sell 'em loke)
Hard or soft determines how much a nigga sell 'em for
We got the fish scale texture
怎么开始 自由意识
怎么停止 自有意思
怎么开始 自由意识
怎么停止 自有意思
我要怎么平衡 取舍 
 A question won't be answered in the way you loke it answered
我要怎么平衡 取舍 
怎么开始 自由意识
怎么停止 自有意思
怎么开始 自由意识
怎么停止 自有意思
我要怎么平衡 取舍 
 A question won't be answered in the way you loke it answered
我要怎么平衡 取舍 
Dväljandes i skuggorna
En legion av mörker skapad
En legion av Lokes flammande säd

Svarta själars sammanslutning
som det högra ljuset ratat
oloun mi o so tan

Many, many listening
Holy water pon my head and my feet
(Jen ri owo loke)

Gongo aso, aye a gbo
Don gorgon, then come dey doubt
blade bites burning sharp
As it cuts through flesh and bone
Blood comes gushing from the wound
As Loke's head falls tumbling
Rolling to the burning
om at han har fået lindorm

så jeg banker på og sir
hey Loke, det er Thor
jeg kommer her med en lille ormekur
du blir nødt til at ta imod den 
min ven
I like to ite, ite, ite i-ples and by-ny-nys
I like to ite, ite, ite i-ples and by-ny-nys 

O loke to ote, ote, ote oh-ples and bo-no-nos
From you break through 
Kò bà tí wó, ko bà tí wó
With Bàbá loké everything is possible 
Óri le bà e sé, ó lé Ko é yo 
Nah your Mama born you 

jami weng loke aloka
Kare ma in igudu cwinya
Aneno dero tara ni yabo yoo na
No one, no one like you
No one
No one, no one but you 
I've searched around
enemy comes forth
Loke, the son of Fårbaute.. Father of
Born of earth, unbound by laws
Takk weeps no heavy tears
For the loss of the sun's handsome
Baba yeah oh yeah oh yeah
Baba yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh
Awa omo yin re oh baba wa
E ba wa gbo adura ashe

Igba taye gbogun de oh
A sa to Baba loke
mi o

Asiri wa a bo
Wherever we go
Victory wey no dey finish
A ni temi ni o
Loke loke we no go run down
No more tension no wahala
Tori ola wole owo
another blunt, bought a Heineken
Niggas start to loke out, a kid got choked out
Blows was thrown and a fucking fight broke out

Can't we just all get
nothing like a loke the big bow wow
I kill it with one stroke thats what it's about
They tryin' a tell a nigga What to come out his mouth
Mothafucka I'm
Untame venomtongue
No ward on words of blaming tongue
Stinging venom song
No heart, no hope for venomtongue
No heart, no hope for

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