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Goose stepping to your voice
In lockstep. In lockstep
You're a misguided choice
In lockstep. In lockstep

You think you've got folks lining up

Of All The Tears That Come Between
And all The Years That Wear Away
Add The Friendship That We Failed
I Know It May Sound Trivial To Some
fuckin' better run far! 

We got tradition to rep 
And so we need it lockstep 

We want it straight and narrow, we got no room for you 
Straight and narrow,
We all bought new t-shirts today, Only your size was still in stock
And you love it, love us all, Laughing and dancing in lockstep

Today I stream old
A thief of flesh and thought
Lends speed to feet of rot

March in lockstep to the drums
Something wicked this way comes
A blight upon the land
that you want laid at your feed but nothing’s for free
Too busy to care, too busy to matter, too busy to mind
The jackboots coming right down lockstep
I'm dancing in lockstep
To music that I can't hear, yeah

Failing farmer, toxic crop
Two white hearts to shake shit up
Pay someone to taste,
Those saints in lockstep
All crossed the wasteland
Forever gone
They'll hum and walk along

Plod ever onward
Across some tundra
The light is
Those saints in lockstep
All crossed the wasteland
Forever gone
They'll hum and walk along

Plod ever onward
Across some tundra
The light is
for the throne
Don't walk this path alone, three strands
Lockstep, these sands are steady shifting
Casting a deeper vision into opaque waters
Find me
The war on welfare queens
& the war on thugs
They couldn't say Nigga
So they used dogwhistles
& it was what it was
Police in lockstep with the judge
So it goes my love
We found another way
As it goes my love
There came another day
You were there too
Waiting for the parade
One two one two
the mist
In darkness, I have the visions
An omnipresent being, a voyeur to my duress
Follows me in lockstep and calls me back to the abyss
The night fills
Morning raids and junk-filled trailers
Barking dogs and societies failures

Small towns, small minds
Lockstep in petty crime
In a garden
In a cradle
In the wrong
We go on

In a lockstep
Turn in circles
We go on

Come on, just take me to bed

Maybe I put too much thought
to hear
Then listen to this
We can’t trust the news
It’s full of propaganda
Using fear to control you
UN Agenda 21
New World Order
Lockstep done
They don’t
Lost in the rhythm and the voices
Marching lockstep in time
Fake News, Fake News

You get your lock-step marching orders in the morning
Hate, hate, agitate, hate, hate, agitate - yuck
You're the liberal whores
we'll make it through
Lockstep for this life

There's no love like those younger days  
We feel the echoes still today  
From some place way beyond
rest here into the silence
And the wind blows the trees so easy
I feel myself letting go
And getting free

Free from the lock-step of my bustling
Break from what you know
You're that kaleidoscope
We thought that wise meant
Your words and walk were in lockstep
But it's a process getting humbler
How could you believe in anything that's not lockstep true?
This is a holocaust of every single thought that's not mine
Now that there is no one left
champion of cruel intention
Angry voices lay the rhythm

Memorizing every verse
In unison they will follow 
Lockstep down to the bottom
You're misguided
high-tech lockstep unison
We synced our lips, our lips made a hit
And we buzzed and buzzed and buzzed 
And buzzed and buzzed and buzzed and

And everything I

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