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stick ta you leave you paralyzed
We in yo city nigga we localized
In this hood shit we specialize
They want our head bitch we vandalize
We building up
When its space between this and that
Poor puddy tat, see em in the trap
I see em in the trap
Localized rap, localized trap
It's all synonymous
So I
She's found a future it's been localized 
Brought out the sutures and clamps for your eyes
Made the incision and no one's surprised but you 

Where you localized
I don't facilitate
I just mobilize
Higher right
Know the gain for the bleed
The entire life
I don't know
I just want to be
Walk to no end
Another twist
Where am I running
Black ice localized in my chest
And the path stretches into eternity
Petals buried under the snow
All I do is don't mind
Pay them no attention
I been ticking on my own time
Tryna show the product
But they mad because I grow mine
Bruh I been dope
Locks the door behind her
For years she was left unreported
I think your house might be haunted

Rotten apples, say your prayers
Localized storm
have for you outweigh all your self despise
Realizin' the pain you feel is only localized
Keep your head up to see the stars up in the skies
and riddance
We could free a world afflicted with compassionate indifference
We’re removed and apathetic like a localized anesthetic
It all seems so poetic it’s
know im very wise
Yo i resize
Wake up to see the sunrise
These haters trying to criticize
Gonna be localized
Yo bitch be paralyzed
That hoe trying
is not localized its In the ether like 5G
And you're an antenna like ET
Smart grids establishing smart citys
Where consciousness will not be free
your back like poltergeist
Popeyes how I'm localized
Leave that bitch immobilized
Who yo' daddy?
Oh, that's me
Call up Bhadie, give her D
Drink my kids
dare to resist the order
The fighting is savage the contest is brief
The bloodshed is localized and yet you feel grief in that sweet relief

Run for
When trodding through these streets, keep my focus right
No oversight, a bottle feel this life is so much light (yeah)
But with you as my guide

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