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Who can stop me, no one.., they seem to think I'm crazy loathsome
I put all the cards on the table and told em', I'm messing around but they're still
can stop me, no one... they seem to think I'm crazy loathsome
I put all the cards on the table and told em'
I'm messing around but they're still playing
Let the dead rot
Where they fall
You know sometimes I need a crutch
Just to crawl
So loathsome down inside
My heartstrings
They ain't
you talk about your office 
About gossip and your colleagues 
Gonna get sick of this
Yeah! Of this

I'm not mister muscle
But I can be loathsome
s shadow, what's up you hater
Pull up with a BENTAYGA, blue plate Montana
Loathsome? Much better, come catch my SWAGGER
Issa BENTAYGA. Humble and I'm so
Smashing your desire, shatter your wish
Toss it into the fire, I am the queen cold fish
I have a face like thunder and a very loathsome smile
I'm not
When I was seven year old 
My dear mother did die
My father married the worst woman
The world did ever see
She turned me to a loathsome worm 
To lie
of this vital fluid
Our life has grown weary
The stars have grown old
Are you still shivering?
Are you still cold?
Are you loathsome tonight?
Does your
Backlash just because

Whichever way should suit to stave
Stave me off, stave me off
Never more than premature hawking
Loathsome goods,
Stuck into a loathsome situation
I refuse to take part in
I wanna scream

I see those around me sleepwalking
Alone and circles forming
I wanna
The loathsome genius is by himself again
He's in the bathroom getting his best thinking done
And the scary thing is that he's never alone

And if
to Abaddon
Trampling the sacrament
Loathsome fornication with the beast
Under the Walpurgis moon
The unholy carrion feast
Crown the queen
the hit, you're full of shit

Because in your world...
Everyone's an idiot, everyone's a fool
Everyone's a child, everyone's a tool
So many loathsome bosses
Lamenting and loathsome
Cursed into solitude with ever burning, never ceasing lust

Gaze forth on me and feed your longing flames
Take my hand and drink from
Blink and you might lose
This year has been the worst, feels like I've been cursed
Dark and loathsome cloud, sick miasmic shroud
Dark and loathsome cloud,
A Lesson Through Sickness

I yearn emptiness
The euphoric nectar of the void
A separation of the mind from its loathsome chains
Breaking the wheel
of loathsome time and odious place
Shadows in the â??Stygian caves forlornâ??
Shadows of an ancient night

Analemma in contempt
The one and seven nine
You think that this night will be the last,
The loathsome details of this tranquility,
Beyond from the last frontiers of the mother earth
I'm vitamin-enriched
What's more, I'm absolutely wholesome!
No artificial processing or anything so loathsome!
You'll fancy me at lunch, not
Oh, I could've tried to love everyone
As though it can be done
And I could've lied, told anyone
That, "Although the loathsome days are lost we'll be
the fire

A loathsome shape of obscene horror,
Squats huge and monstrous upon the ebon throne
Denial of the god above
The stifling air reeks with filth
Sorrow for the shallow
Shall never be had
Weed out the weak
Feed on the sad

High above the loathsome
Defiled by the crass
Mind is strong,
We are the children of deceit
Brought to our knees and chained from another's lie
Demonized in the flowing river of loathsome propaganda
of anguish
Crucified above to behold
The blind, the loathsome's strife in vain
The holyness of those who should suffer my pain

Lunar strains of morbid grace

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