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The generic general

It gets there before you do
It's an Algorithmic voodoo
I am connected to
This data driven hoodoo

Hyperbolic loathers
Hyperbolic slackers
i'm free like a loader
Whole life stay sober
Yea i'm rotten imma loather
And then i do it over and over
Got me an iced Matcha latte
Yeah I'm chill but
Sun goes down now you roll over
You breathe deep when I'm inside loather
Tell you i love you when i am loaded
You say you cant stand my breathes odor
Say I'll be fine, I'm not so sure
Hate my self, I'm a self-loather
I let these days pass me by
I'm far from self-satisfied
Still a drunk, don't ask
those beyond my years
But steer far away from a real commotion
In the face of unoffensive loathers
Smooth talking 
Lighting calling
Oh please
that you found me
Before I sense disruption, I’m a soulless soldier
Another ghost prevented from transcending to the solar
Self loather, please don’t
people who are self loathers
Offering my heart, nothing more than just an organ donor
And all the stars, in the sky, they will die
And all the scars, in my
I’m still standing
You can’t knock me down cause I’m still standing
Uh oh
Here we go let’s go
It’s the return of the self loather
Take aim and get
realms, psychotic bliss
Strange realms, psychotic bliss
Strange realms, psychotic bliss
Now that I'm sober, it's over
I need a lover, not a loather
here to be happy not to be a loather
There's a place for you and place for me, too
So let's agree to
Disagree me 'n' you

I'm so in love with my life I
I grew up defiant

At 24 I became a loather of the world
Today I am a lover of my unknowing
When I'm comfortable in my skin I sing away yesterday
Standing on the corner scythe ready awaiting
My skills are obtained if you tick the following
Cruel exploiter
Shameless hoarder
Scornful loather
Is Ugly Too
Hides Coffins
Always Jokin'
World hates him
The Rich love him
Saved Ken Lay
Sleeps all Day
Muslim Loather
Crooked Brother

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