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For caring is a breeze that blows by
And returns only when, only when it wants to
So cry, cry little angel forever because

You can't wrap your
could destroy this heart of mine. 
I'm only trying to get by, 
Hiding in the shadows of the night, 
Holding you and knowing the wrong is right.
there's insufficient evidence
Of what just might come after
But sometimes out of nowhere
There's demented sounds of laughter

Are we all haunted by
[Great Dragon rising from the mountains of lo]

Here on these mountains I have found my destiny
My training's over now, after many years
The wisdom
I'm alone
I'll stay forever in my dreams where you are near

Want you to know I can't sleep anymore
By the nights
By the nights
Day after day I
There's a place I know called Swing Street
Where you can really feel the heartbeat
After working hard til sundown
The city comes alive

High up,
happy ever after
Not now but soon forever
While they're sitting comfortably 
In that white winter city
How can we be happy ever after

Um by yay
happy ever after
Not now but soon forever
While they're sitting comfortably 
In that white winter city
How can we be happy ever after

Um by yay
get back
Forever revolves around you
That's your time I'm living
In mine too how much
Positivity are you blind to you
Only live once I'll remind
intentions turn me on 
I'm yours forever 
Will you love me when I'm gone? 

You're an unfenced fire 
Over walls we travel 
Its you I admire 
My living
from Missouri 
Fought for the gray and Quantril
Caught up by the battle and the fury 
Back when just living was hell 

After the battle was over
it never comes

And after all these years
Something still remains
The forever repercussions
The eternal pain
Another sleepless night
And another
time in the living room 
Snores go in and out of tune 
After tea time we're off to the pub 
To play in the trivia club 
How long's the river Thames?
When he looks into her eyes
He sees only the truth
Telling him he's been living a lie
over and over like a line in a song
About all the love he
by rhymes yo it's hard times
All across the nation cold points of frustration
Created hot joints of illustration
Concentrate while stakes are high
the one they look at
all the women know him by name
but it don't matter cause when the moon meets the morning
the feeling is always the same
time after
How you living?
Night after night in your own prison
There's nothing truer that's ever been said
When you live on hope alone
Don't go holding your

Leaders taking over their followers

Too weak to think rationally
Thoughts of living forever
Living your life in the lies of the priests
To have you here beside me, oohh (Have you here beside me)
If I could

I would give you
More than forever
I would love you
Long after the end
light that fades 
Something beautiful remains 

 We're living in a world of stars and dust 
Between heaven and all that surrounds us 
it go on forever? Is it over tonight?
Does it come with the darkness? Does it bring out the light?
Is it richer than diamonds?
Or just a little
We were there in the woods by the water
We left our packs up against that willow tree
We dove right in, keeping just what we were born with
the hosts of heaven
As they praise You day, after day, after day singing

Lord of all the Earth
Forever He shall reign
Lord of glory, lamb of God

And you can't talk about it
And isn't that a kind of madness
To be living by a code of silence
When you've really got a lot to say

will see fire
As the world becomes a living hell
Taking the forces of evil for granted
And that is where you failed

Night after night, you darken

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