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you fuck around and do it for me

Hopped in the Wraith and I bought it, it's litty again
Fly out the piff and the tropic, it's litty again
All of my
chompin' I got haters on the internet
To me they be cool though
It's da God

Litty all the time, litty all the time
Litty all the time now, litty all
i min blok som grafitti
Det' så litty, litty, litty, litty, litty
Jeg' willi-willi-willi-willi-willi-willi (Willi)
ist die City
Nur noch Versace will ich und Coogi-Pulli, so wie Biggie
RNG-family und wir sind litty, ja, wir sind litty (ja, wir sind litty)
오늘 다 집어쳐
눈치 보지 말고 volume up up up

We go dumb dumb dumb dumb
누가 뭐래도 litty dumb
Litty dumb litty, bang the drum
갈 때까지 baby stupid

Stupid dumb
And now I'm twinnin' with'em in His image
Now I'm litty like a pot of gold
Glory shinin' through me woah
Litty like a pot of gold
Glory shinin' through
Wait hold up, I'm finna turn this bitch up
(Mustard on the beat hoe)

Ridin' through the city, where it's litty
Countin' hunnids, countin'
talk shit like Cortland Finnegan 

Im getting litty, you bitches; J-Doc, without a doubt
And I'm a baller now, they say I'm ballin out
Im getting litty
Nails on fleek, al m'n bitches zijn lit
Stacks on deck, al m'n nigga's zijn lit, lit, litty
A-Al m'n bitches zijn lit, lit, litty
A-Al m'n nigga's zijn
and saditty
Ooh, ass and her titties
Ooh, that ting litty
And my Spanish ting, she bad like J. Lo (ooh, ooh)
I crushed up an X pill in her asshole (ooh,
around, you get it done

Fifty-fifty, love the way you split it
Hunnid racks, help me spend it, babe
Light a match, get litty, babe
That jet set, watch
Drippy, drippy, drippy
Make a party very litty
You just looking for the kitty
Just to give a little licky
All you niggas feeling lucky
But they never
Tryna get on the Forbes list, I did it again
My chains cost a mortgage, I'm dripping again
We're touring the city, we're litty again
Your girls
to get it
Catch another flight and I change the aesthetic
You know I'm the man, I'll show you 'round my city
Gas 93, now everything litty
Rooks got
the convertible, no head
I'm lookin' mosaic, killin' hoes, OJ
Huh, and I was so trippy, I looked in the mirror, I didn't resemble me, nigga
We was so litty, I
on me, that's a light show
It can get litty like a light show
Nigga I'm litty like a light show
If it's 'bout money, I'ma go-go
But the-, bro, she
play get down and get it
Talk 'bout that come slide, I'm with it
Better see me now, on God I'm litty
I know that you tryna go big
Better run up
care if you lash out
It is litty at the trap house
This is not what you care about
We go party till we passed out
We don't care if you lash out
It is
Waiting on me to play

I just wanna drink all night
In my city 
Getting litty
I just wanna drink all night
In my city 
Getting litty

I just wanna Dance
show somethin' (yeah)
Party hard, I ain't never gave no fucks (no fucks)
In the section with my bro, gettin' litty (woo)
She want both of us, double
Motherfuck the fame, all my niggas litty (Lit)
Backwood to the face, I don't smoke no Philly (Nah)
Drip, drippin' sauce like I'm chili (Sauce)
Let that mink

Small waist, her hair long
Oh, make it rain and fall down (Hey)
Hunnid bands on me got me lit right now (Got me litty)
Oh, make it rain
She tried to pull on my strings (strings)
Shawty got cut from the team (oh)
Get litty, causin' a scene (scene)
Shawty a fool on the bean (bean)
Grow you, Teach you
Baby that's what mistakes do

Man pray for my city
They get to litty
They run up in yo crib and shots ain't shot at yo ceiling

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