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Thistlehair the Christmas bear
Spreadin' the good news everywhere.
About Christmas time and what it means
To all the children of the world.
Every little boy
Thistlehair the Christmas bear
Spreadin' the good news everywhere.
About Christmas time and what it means
To all the children of the world.
Every little boy
need sleep.

Don't be bad, little cotton dolly.
See how nice Mickey Mouse sleeps now?
Even my brass drummer boy has stopped all his noise,
Cause he
And the Lord is what is near
To share love with your family and thank God for allowing you to see that

Christmas is the time to share
With the one
My little boy was a wise man this year
His Christmas play was something I couldn't miss
Between the shopping and my job I barely got there
I'll see the sun again
But tonight...I am...The Little Drummer boy

Tonight...I am...the one who will destroy

The secrets never told before
Christmas is coming, I can tell by the smiles
I remember the snowflakes that fell from the sky
And covered the village that lay sleeping below
At home where I wanna be
Wrapping presents by the Christmas Tree
With my babay, It's just my baby and me!
Got the Little ones tucked in bed
We were the local gossip of the town.

I promised her that I'd live right and not be like the others
But I wound up in jail on Christmas day
Wise Men Traveled Through The Night
To See The Baby Boy

Cause Mary Had A Little Lamb
King Of Kings And Son Of Man
Mary Had

No strings, none of them fall, no strings at all

I take a look at the Little Drummer Boy up on the stage, oh no
I think he looked at me, me,


By and by they found a little nook in a stable all forlorned
In a manger cold and dark Mary's little boy was born
. . 

Little girls, little boys, 
Little children must grow up one day, 
Just as I did here tonight, in your arms, 
When we kissed, at last I knew,
Please send some snow
Some snow for Johnny
He wants to build
A big snowman

It was a week just before Christmas
Way down in Louisiana
A little boy
of a baby boy

When Christmas day is finally here
And friends and family gather near
Memories shared from seasons-past
And a little child will ask
gave him children, a girl and a boy 
To keep your sanity a nanny was employed 
And when the time came they were sent away 
Well that was simply what
wraps up a package of peace for the world
There'll be christmas for every boy and girl

[Verse two]
How many children are watching the sky
day I`ll throw away all of my cares
And it is always Christmas in a cupboard at the top of the stairs"


"Well here`s a boy if ever there
As I was slowly passing by an orphan's home one day,
I thought I'd stop a little while just to watch the children play.
Alone, a boy was standing,
isn't it a shame

For every boy and every girl
Under the sun...


Let there be peace on earth
(why don't you try just a little harder)
Let every
the Glendale train.
And the people they did say for many miles away. It was robbed by Frank and Jesse James.

Poor Jesse had a wife who mourned for
can't even drink it
Well, maybe by Christmas they'll dig up the roads
Take whatever you can, girl
Leave the rest for the crows
Leave the rest for
the road that's yet to be travelled on
By the ones who will carry on, I'll carry on

For the chilrden of the world
Every single little boy
O He's A Bad Influence
Pon De Children Yeah Arh!


No Stranger To Danger
Respect No-One Sah (Rudie don't fear)
So No Move Him To Anger
Hey, Dave, 'twas the night before Christmas we'll go!
Hi, boys, here I go!

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

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