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But twenty some years later I'm still grateful and surprised
By the little gifts that David gave to me

I knew this guy before I wed
He had
play me
Will be the same day M.T.V. play videos
That was a little joke, voila
Praises due to the most high Allah
Praises due to the most fly Prada
a soda, word to Fargo
I'm tryna get the fucking fame and it's a tricky little game you gotta play
Sometimes you gotta tell your heart "No"
a fuck about how much you got
She don't care if it's a little or a lot, no matter what she bought
She was lied to so many times by guys in disguise,
and see-saws - rusty in the Sipp
Trust me, pimp, we don't never play
This is everyday, I’m quite cheap
No nice cars, just nice beats
My little revolver, my
kid, named Jay.
That jeff calls gay, and beats up, doesn't look very normal today
So I give a little smile and he gives one back
Then he walks by