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["We got more coming, right now. There's more coming.
We're gonna get, gonna get little sort of a session going here.
A bit of a session, a sessions
There is only now and that hardly matters
No one cares about sad old ladies
with bags full of tatters
One day it gets a bit too cold
Maybe a little
someone you care
Show them you're there.

Inspiration is you and I, changing nations, changing lives.

We all feel just a little bit older,
As names
in time and it passed by

We’re all on a journey
Down the hall of memories
Don’t worry bout what you ain’t got
Leave with a little bit of dignity

And that day
The brotherhood between the three brothers
No longer existed
And their story lives
By themselves
Days are years
and hollering and crying
I saw a little tear coming from my eye because I know I felt it
And this brother got up and said let me have it
I want to tell you
Everybody can't be heroes but some can still try
To make their lives a little different
Before the time it goes by

Now I live up around the north
as she pulls away, the gap gets a little bit wider the longer I delay ... I'm gonna let my heart take me away, I'm gonna jump a little further everyday,
the money money money money mon I think it would be funny ah to take your girl and send a bit of your cash for me
Cos' then she might be happy
No longer
the goin' got a little bit rough
Have you ever walked the sidewalks hungry
Have you ever really had the blues
So now you want to see how the other half live
Dear Mr. President
the world has gone astray
brothers are dying
they won't live to see today
was it all worth it
you had to lie to get your way
not compassionate to what others choose to believe 
Threatened by everyone else who's a little bit different than ourselves 
This "live for today"
see, how good this can be
I hope she waits a little bit longer
'Cause I don't wanna live life, without her by my side
'Cause she gets the light that is
Got head, watch Vice at her home in Decatur

Full clip, I'm a little bit sick, come equipped
Look at what I did for the grit, got it lit, what
You heard a lot about a brother gaining mo' ground 
Being low down I do the showdown wit' any little ho round, no! 
I want to know who you're
longer bound by what people say
I know that I will make mistakes
I thought that I refuse to stay

I've been waiting all my life to get
some dough so you would grow to be so strong
It took a little longer than I thought
I slipped, got caught, and sent to jail by the courts
Now I'm doin
your girl
And spend a bit of your cash for me!

I've been watching you

'Cause then she might be happy
No longer lonely oh oh oh
An' I could take
For our sons and daughters
My kind America
People, we can be our own leaders
And live a little bit freer, if we fight for
My kind America
Runnin wild livin foul, hey, change your lifestyle
Get some knowledge, and open your eyes
Just take a little bit of time
How fully you'll come to realize,
used to live,
Used to barbeque up burgers and ribs,
Used to have a little party every Halloween with candy by the pile,
But now, you only stop by
so polished, I got a right to be a little bit snobbish
I did a little bit of college, semesters it took 2 like Rob Base
To let me figure out this
dog chokes down more than he can chew
A poor land's labours are a rich land's gain
Little Oliver lives again

The red scare has come and gone,
And they drink a little bit of you
In the abrupt wrinkling of my deep pain

This afternoon it's raining, it rains so much
And I don't want
from what I’m spitting
Getting blown to smithereens in a Toyota
Getting stoner, Jonas Brothers
Brothers, songs fricken rotisserie how these birds are

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