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Get off the endless corridor
Set your soul out on the line

Drive on the young side of life
When the pressure pains are building
And you're forced
Through the night turn and set
Stay fast, a music script
Set a line and drive into a dream
Make it through the night again
Count back from a thousand
the hospital
I signed on the dotted line
Drive slow and I'll take you home
The selfish phase is fadin' out
Please, can I stick around?
All the joyful steps
We're ready to die
Today is violent and gray
Everyday spells tragedy
Life ends a day at a time
Never sitting back
Always cross the line
the line 
Now there's nothing to be lost 
You and I will cross over 
With no second thoughts 

We'll drive for the line 
Now there's nothing to be lost
his mind
with bleach-blond afro hair,
he's not too hard to find

T dj, he does alright
he makes us dance on a friday night
drives the green line
there is no heaven 

as we stand in line 
at the efficiency drive 
a voice from the checkout screams 
thats this orwellian nightmare 
is now
Catching butterflies, line drives, watching TV
I had seven good years ‘til they noticed they were looking at me
I didn't like what they see
Pass the door, put off to stay on
Got any more, I'll hide in time
Step past the in, mission poured on
Turn in to dead in, get it for more
On the line
down, super bowl
You’ve got to dismiss the field goal
Forward drive across the line!
Yes, the touchdown go for the touchdown
and out,
Of this world.. she's always out of line,
She's always out of line

She drives me crazy, all of the time
Bi-polar baby, one of a kind,
She'll break
to Zimmerman line drive
(to keep the team alive)
Unitas to Berry scarry
Everything against you sweetness
You bring the first down again
See it's ones like
hit a line drive
                          2 strikes: To keep your love alive
		      3 strikes: and cheering by my side

Well I’ve got: 1
never looked back
I tear up to 'Crying Time'
Me and Johnny fight to walk the line

I still drive a pickup, I still wear boots
I grew up country, I'm
on the razor's edge
I've been here before
I know the way

White lines
And headlights in my eyes
White lines
I'm ready to drive all night
White lines
It was a home run when the game was tied
A pick up truck when I could drive
One pink line when Katie said I'm late
It was a passing grade,
the other guy
Just get a line on that mother
And drive
You get saved
You get waxed
You get shaved
You get high, real high
Forget your next line
You get drive through, dollar menu

Everybody say God almighty
You get lost
You get saved
You get waxed
You get shaved
You get high, real high
Forget your next line
You get drive through, dollar menu
and Memphis all aboard South all aboard please)
I drive for the bus line to all points south I drive
Guess I've heard a million stories from the folks that ride
Red light, green light, hit the overdrive.
Foot down baby, make me feel alive.
White line high in my love express.
C'mon now drive me back
and the freeway's deserted, like its all mine 
I'm trying to set a new drunken speed record, 
but I can't drive a straight line 
Flashing lights, split the night
I can see a long line of cars with their headlights on
I can see kinfolks cryin' cause somebody's gone
Then they gather around as it let the sinner
I'll be fine
Some nights it's hard to be alone
I want some kind of kinship
But the finish line
It drives me on
When they say.

Dreaming all
Another day is over. The sun has gone down. I'd drive so much further to see you. Winding canyon drive, stars and yellow lines lead the way to where

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