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sounds of bliss
Kick back, and light a fat joint, and enjoy the rest of the odyssey
Stay tuned and later we'll be taking some calls
Hit the line
night long
Don’t lose sight of him
Please don’t lose sight of him
We won’t
Over and out, out, out
Agent 666, come in please
This is Agent 666
Yeah, that little fucker, he's racin' for the sun
He's got a bottle of Jack and he's getting drunk
He's smokin' lines in a joint just to ease his
Their ink, is the blood they inject
On my brain, spreading lies on us
I'm next victim in line

No more, no more, no more
Media control
Cut the brake lines, end up dying
Glad to be traumatically
Against the ropes lost all hope trying
Finding ways to break the silence
And to quench
Rise! You, demons of hell!
As I tell the ancient words
A circle of blood, lines of cum
Possess my body, free my black soul

Look into my eyes
Wanna stay in 666 where this darkness don't lie

Drug drug druggy
Got a feeling sweet like honey
Drug drug druggy
Need sensation like my baby
demonically read
So I learned
Deep in the morgue
Lie corps in the quateras
They want to face in a line of order
Can you place this shit
When you crawled up
See we got drum like the drum line
100 round drum, you get gunned down
Pull up with rockets and draw down
Like a police, put your gun down
Thought shall not diss Esham, that's a sin
My favorite number 666, so guess again
And if you feel the need to pray, say amen
The drum is wicked, I
911 'cause he's got a gun
Now who's laughing bitch
Lets smoke the flat lines once the hammer clicks

If it sticks then I got a 666
Until death do
as it simply rhymes
I keep the simpleton spit in all the sympathy lines
I mean it’s Craig G rap came on symphony shines

Slay the Nazarene, you just

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