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ripping im ripping
Bullets they get to spreading
He limping he limping he limping
Let this just be a lesson
You Tripping you tripping you Tripp
That 30
Is that your hand?
I wish you'd do it again
I'll watch you leave here limping
And I wish you'd do it again
And I'll watch you leave here
eyes, touch my face 
We're limping along in the human race 

Our jeans have become complicated 
The promise of love is downgraded 
Faith in available
triples, falling, limping, crawling
Biting, fighting, back from dying
Endless ending, comprehending
Nothing of the sin she's sinning
Loosely buying your
triples, falling, limping, crawling
Biting, fighting, back from dying
Endless ending, comprehending
Nothing of the sin she's sinning
Loosely buying your
(Pluto, Dram') We in this bitch (Actually can I talk?)

We got money in our pocket, and whatever you're sipping on
Red-bottom limping around this
know I shouldn't care
But I got a sense of humor
Limping the dream
You're limping the dream
You act like some kind of saint
It chills you right
torn by the clashes
You can send those huddled masses to me

Ain't we all just running
Aiming for that something
Ain't we all just limping down
I pray to God that I don't catch a new case
Codeine got me limping like John Wayne
17 Months I done did in the pen
Promise my mama I want go back
most... different races uh uh
Ah come on Jane we're not so crazy as we'd like to think
Come on walk me home
You know my place and I'm only limping
of Crooklyn, type Saturday night
The gear the god was rocking type way out of sight
Limping past the projects
Seen my man, a'ight
Steelo type fat, solar type
we used to be wishing
All of these knots in my pants got me limping
All this designer on me got me dripping
All of my niggas tryn' ball for a minute
I'm limping
But my brain got hold of these women
Lately I want to get bitten, bitten
By your venom
Venom, venom
I think I'm losing my mind cause I'm
You see how i took off im running you limping
And Ima fall through cause i made it a mission
This shit on my back we call that heavy lifting
I gotta
I need a comma to talk
Stack it up and then I put it all in the vault
I'm limping round this b***h like Redd Fox but I'm not 
Cause a young n***a
Bogus MC's have been and produced they went to work and then went pimping
Everyone's got to see me limping
Mista Grievous
Tdub yeah
Bogus MC's
thinking big, now I'm thinking bigger (now I'm thinking bigger)
Hit her with this dick, now your bitch limping (now your bitch limping)
When you getting
you tripping, na we ain't never slippin
Just keep it pimpin, Must always keep it pimpin
Big ass 40 on me, I guess thats why I'm limping Limping
sit down ima just keep limping
Had to take off the shades and I had to separate
How come they never said the real will blend in with the fake
Baby girl why is you trippin'
Big bag so im tippin'
Fuck her all night
I Leave the bitch limping
Niggas get wrong
Glock what im grippin'
Hop in
at another's shame
But I don't mind
I know I'm limping low down
I don't mind

Winners or losers
It's all just a game
And I'm going down
And I'm strolling
I keeps it pimping pimping pimping
I trade love for the money
My walk limping limping limping

Bust down
Ice on
I dreamt
I'm on
Woke up 
I'm here
Brr, Hello? That's the glizzy on the phone
Knock... Knock... Who is it? That's the glizzy at the door
Let him in, but not too deep
Why you limping
not get close to me (At all)
I can not chill niggas doing 2 much, doing 2 much but its never enough
Bro got the Glock now he limping But, that nigga

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