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Less than a span
In his conception, wretched from the womb
So to the tomb

Who then to frail immortality shall trust
But limns on water or but writes in
Mind And Soul Be Free)
Breathless Voices Fill The Age
Slide The Page,
Moment Passionate(Compassion)
Prelude Begin,Echoes And Limn.
(Never HoId
I know, it's been a long time
But I still miss you every night
I don't want you to see me cry
But if I said I didn't I'd limn a lie
Here I am high
Deep chords to limn and lave

The Seasons and You
The brilliant faith of fate
Like speckled glinting spray
Upon the crest of waves
The Seasons
3awtani ghanehder
3awtani jwan f limn ghanmout rajel machi dker
Ra bghikthoom masd9atch
Bghit nftkh 3liha jwan o lwri9a mals9atch
Ana li bghit koulchi ana
between limerence and feeling fucked just missing this
Turns out not much

An evening where the moon limns a half light
It becomes clear that tonight's not
the paternal seat
Maru restu sit libbiya
Arakha, King of Babylon
Maru restu sit libbiya
Arakha, King of the lands
The threads of fate as Bagastana limns
amidst the hords aflame
man and god, in fire one and same

Black flames from the deeps aspire
as in the chambers of my hearts desire
I limn thy brilliant
Love is vanishing, overnight
Records that we listened to
Ornaments upon your shelf
The void I'm falling into
Love is going to limn myself
How was I
This dole crowner gallows me 
As this mere welkin hallowed be 
Where upon I trick and train and tire 
To limn my umbered love in fire 

Moras, letters from the grave

What should be written to limn our demise
Words that convey worthless struggle to thrive
Abandoned hope, temper tantrum
ahsbha Win
3ytolk loser dok m3ak ram habin Photo
Ki rays maybdl walo ytna** 3limn Yvoto
Ak t3rf mtfra f lmskin jifih drba ghir Ki yriski
Mdam rbi li 3ta

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