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Razed by discovery

But the storybook sages fill their pages
Hiding from the warming sun
Limitless distractions give no pause to distort
Limitless weight held by a single strand
But you wouldn't understand
But you wouldn't understand

Old Soul
I don't know if you know
I don't
all you walls crumble
I'll tear it down stone by stone

Bow down, I will not kneel before you
Bow down, you're never gonna wear my crown
You shot

You fear my limitless emotions
I am bored of your apocalyptic obsessions

Did I love you too much? Devotion bent me broken
So I remained,

You fear my limitless emotions
I am bored of your apocalyptic obsessions
Did I love you too much
Devotion bent me broken
So I rebelled
[Lyrics by Thomas Karlsson]
[Music by Christofer Johnsson]

From a lonely stars
Beyond the verge of universe
A sound is choing
(A) call from
Limitless, unmeasurable, time is not
As the end so is the beginning
Always was, always will be
This is where the journey ends
This is what no one returned
Humiliation to the core
One for all

To me you're all in bad standing
One for all
To me you're all in bad standing
Limitless, down by law

and a chair
The limitations are limitless
They're floating through the air

Because it's real and it's true
The things I see in you
And there's nothing I
Like a grain of sand 
Swallowed by the desert
Like a drop of rain 
That falls from darkened clouds 

I am overwhelmed 
I stand here awed
Stars waned by the fright of Him.
Shining jewels in his crown,
Like drops of my sacrificial blood,
Ceremony of the abhorrent deaths,

Words too
We all know the feeling, it´s frightenin' sometimes
When we catch the news on the radio
Death, war, destruction, limitless pain
All the tears
When you play by the rules of the world
The world will rule you!
When you play by the rules of the divine
You will rule the world
Bring back
And you with your insufferable power
Breaking hearts by the hour
We die with the flowers

And you, a poisonous shower
That breaks as we cower
All I see is my new found friend
And all the things she grants me
Freedom is not among those things
And freedom is by no means free

Well, this
by loneliness, legions who grin
I blunder into the realms of slumber
I collide with the obscure
And see the last fraction of light go by
Here, here we are
Shelterless souls
Lit by the stars
And here, here we stand
Divided by lines
We've drawn in the sand

As the world keeps
The sun, the air, the faithful crashing of waves
Carefree comforted knowing eyes watched over me
Even now I taste the salt on my lips being dried by
Destruct to a plauge that infects the earth 
Now regret the spawn unnurtured 
And feared to be dead by dawn 

Curse the consumed, born a salve 
Limpid limitless swimming outside the cranium 
Betrayers of children exposed by distortions 
His property swelling Lenses Alien 

Shot through the neck
out right before our eyes
Everything makes sense
Now that you are by my side

I'm as light as I can be
You got me feeling weightless
You take me
heard when you are
The reason why I’m in love with the world

And when you follow in his shadow
You’re devoured by your loss
Some pay forever with
my foes
Bone crushes bone one after one
Limitless my wrath
Now by my reckoning struck down
Pray to Dagon be delivered
Chain me to his temple
Like an episode of twilight zone there's a country torn apart by personal preference, genetics, and the fear of progress. if a man and a man cannot
All I want is you but so far I never knew you,
Our limitless selves, all that can remain is there.

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