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of tires is the sound of God,
The electric version.
The power and blood will pulse through your song,
Just as long as it
Sounds lost
Sounds lost
The blood claat flyest bad bitch in New York
Y'all hoes better bow the fuck down and pay homage
I'm ten million sold and that's SoundScan knowledge
And all
talking and you’ll become another one murdered by X

Chorus: 2x) You say im young blood/ but i kill just as good as you/ you say im young blood/ but i
[Chorus: x 2]
People like myself, only hang with self cause that's the way to go
I can't go outside without findin some new kinfolks
People on my
and trickin' on bitches and don't recoup
I got my own version of roots
Cracker ass nigga pickin' cotton and polishin' my Brooklyn Zoo boots
The new news is
prankstas, why yall ain't gangstas
Why yall just throwbacks
Put slugs to yo brain
Thuggin' blood's in my vein
The ghetto version of Norman Bates
Thug in
listen, that's the words to live by
Know you gotta stake your claim, like a rib-eye
90059, nigga, here's why

I don't know why niggas keep fucking with me
bender in effect, sole defenders of the longest night New York had never slept, and there were jumping jacks and whistlers over Christmas, like rockets
got stuck looking for openings
I thought those were supposed to sing like cage birds
If you’re a free broken spirit let the pearly gates burn, baby,
I shit on 'em all the same
And I leave spit stains on their brain
Like liquid chocolate spilling over their new white trainers
Insane is
you can't hear the silence
Even when it's there. Like the wind seen from the window,
Seeing it but not being touched by it.

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