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He became the Macedon King
And he swore to free all of Asia Minor
By the Aegian Sea
In 334 B.C.
He utterly beat the armies of Persia

of nineteen
He became the Macedon king
And he swore to free all of Asia minor
By the Aegean sea
In 334 b.c.
He utterly beat the armies of persia
Sodom and Gomorrah, the light and the dark
Chased by the demon to the caves of the Burren
Imprisoned by the truth in the tales of the Turrin
the light.

By the light,
By the light

She's over the border,
She's over the border,
Over the border.
golden grams
For stolen moments
When the rain hit home
Spiral ice steps, see-through sofas
Ice cream mountain
Raspberry ways
She's 20-20 blind cherry glaze
bars of death, yeah


[ad libbed outro by Asia's hype man]
They sent him to Asia to fight in a war
He came back home crazy and asking, "What for?"
They had him committed oh, medals and all
To a mental
at the light, and I'ma dust ya Porsche
Cause I'ma dope MC, and I'm down by law
Fremelay her on the way to New York
To you MC's, who jock my style
You better
remember me forever you know?
God by nature mind raised in Asia, you know?

But umm, it's like you know to live forever you you you gotta
Set you know, not
My head in the clouds just as the silver trip is bending
I'm watching the dolphin and the way that it is wending
Don't try to come up too fast just
to make a scene
(Trying to make a scene)
The best way to get to you is by this music thing
And you might believe

Akon, c'mon

(Let's take it
light (the light)
Faster than light (the light)
Faster than light..

You see ways by the door
Pulling over years before
Shadow puppets
The old man nearly died
They dance in the light from his hand
He remembers when fate was more kind
And cool summer rain soaked
to East Soley

From San Chope to my home Cafe

That's my way and I do it like day by day

In Africa, America, Europe and Australia

Asia, Canada I take them
[Planet Asia]
The meaning of this song is
Never take things on face value
The truth shall set you free, yknahmsayin?
Truth is the power
[Chorus: Asia Cruise]
Hey baby waitin' on you to come my way baby
Ain't afraid to say me
Say baby ya lookin' tight
Ya need to come tonight 'cause
Where the devil tried to realter my route 
Creator took me by the hand and led the way-ay 
To make the story short that's why I'm here today
Creator took me by the hand and led the way-ay 
To make the story short that's why I'm here today 

Just another journey, another journey into
I can't believe we're in Japan!
Look at all the lights!
The food!
The people!

We're three cool white friends in Japan (Japan!)
do things on the court to amaze ya
I heard they make em for a buck 8 in Asia
They came a long way baby since
Clyde Frazier had pumas, pullin' mad
we won, my legacy spun
A lot of people in the right direction, despite aggression
Divine prevention bag ounces by eye with perfection

The way
A ray of sunlight to guide my way 

I see the light 
I see the light at the end of the tunnel 
I see the light and it's burnin' bright 
I see
wardrobe is-it, now listen

Make this money, take this money (Let's get it)
Ain't no way you can take this from me (Let's get it)
Ain't shit
on the wrist
Two steps, hands in the air, this my shit
Look at shorty light-skinned, damn she's so thick
How she poppin', I can't wait 'til she drop it on my
Clouds roll by 
Reeling is what they say
Or is it just my way? 

Wind blows by  low light 
Side tracked  low light 
Can't see my tracks  your

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