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Vocals by Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, and Linda Ronstadt

written by Dolly Parton
© Velvet Apple Music (BMI)

Fly ye away from my window
arsenic when I'm fed
I dream a highway back to you

Hang overhead from all directions
Radiation from the porcelain light
Blind and blistered by
get you burned
What she thinks she knows by now
I guess she's gonna learn

She's too young and her heart's on fire
And the lights are bright
cucurullo (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Denny walley (slide guitar, vocals)
Tommy mars (keyboards, vocals)
Peter wolf (keyboards)
Bob harris (keyboards, trumpet,
reminds me of you
It gets harder every day, I don't know what to do
Every little thing reminds me of you
I'm a heavyweight, light on my feet, watch me
So you can stick it 'n pump pump 
Miss Harris waiting for whatever I feel like having 
Save you some embarrassment 
I'm an Aries 'n I ain't scared
Napoleon murphy brock (vocals)
Bob harris (vocals)
Johnny "guitar" watson (vocals)

Now, dis nasty sucker is de respondable party fo de
Tell the Reverend Harris to pray for me, Lord
I ain't gonna live
I don't believe I'm gonna live to get much older

Lights out, so peaceful,
Napoleon murphy brock (vocals)
Bob harris (vocals)
Johnny "guitar" watson (vocals)

Thing-fish: (to the rubber girl)
Hmmm! dat quite a massive improve'lence,
(Just hold ya head)

Green light, that's go or should I stop?
I'm not trying to get bagged by any narc cops
What are you, on dope, or is this