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It was supposed to be so easy...

Just take back the DVD
Withdraw that extra money
Tell mum I wouldn't be back for tea
Then grab my savings
Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter
Then I bet I watch the Bachelorette, followed by welcome back Cotter
And the Muppets show where they go and I'm not
and Mitch, followin my cousin Murdoch 

All the brothers were real, goin for what they feel 
By the way, peace to my man Sha and Big Neal 
Now in
Being in my video, what's that gonna do for your life?
Get you some pussy? You should be gettin rump off GP
Quit that you look like you say I seen you
Mo money mo problems ain't that a bitch
So much drama in my life you would think I was rich
Recall my first advance prepared for what's next
contribution or any helping hand to lend
I went to Kansas City
Shooting videos for my last album
And I could feel the tension
Another time of my life that I
You fake rappers get the boot
Sprayed like brew, I'm shootin f.a.g.'s at they video shoot
I bump your ass off quick, so yo, muthafuck karate, boy