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G-Unittttttt,G-Unit,G-Unit (repeat) 

(50 Cent-between Banks) 
G-Unit nigga that's what's up (repeat 6x) 

(Tony Yayo) 
Listen boy, Tony be the real McCoy 
When hoes
this bitch wit Dj Green Latern

Tony YaYo
Its the Remix

The Game
Have you ever seen a Bently Coupe on Gold Dayton Wires, doin a buck fifty, Me Banks
Come gimme gimme gimme that groupie love 
Tonight you want to fuck with me its alright with me
Come on an gimme that groupie love

[Tony Yayo
(Tony Rotton alongside man like Jahmali yo)
Why is it, so rotton?
(Original ghetto true boy for the peoples army yo yo)
Why is it, so rotton?
around the world
I've meet all kinds of girls
Girl you look like someone I done fucked on tour

[50 Cent (Singing)]
(Now everythings changed) I'm rich
virgin on the bottles hope the groupies follow
I'm tryin' to slide baby beeze [Incomprehensible]

The life styles of the thugs, young rich and famous
baseball bat
Got no pussy posse up on my shit
Self made motherfucker, I’m rich
'Cause I’ve spit the illest shit you ever heard in your life bitch!

Caught up
got famous when we said it when that beat hit
When $hort dropped, niggas rappin now was infants
We taught you the pimp-player-mack game cause you
Beverly Hills
Smokin Phills, listenin to Stephanie Mills
Lifestyles of the rich and famous, all on anus
I'm in the spotlight, who don't know what my name is
Still playing the same, still young at the game
Never talk down on a player's name
Cause I'm big time, paid all my dues
I'm rich and famous and way too
is ancient
I'm rich and I'm famous, I'm on, I'm dangerous
I came wit that language, it's mad, it's brainless
You study at Cambridge, I'm fuckin' yo
And smoke the ground 
Show you how to blow a pound 
Wit out coughin' 
How to work a Nina Ross wit out walkin' 
Funny style 
Wit out a half honey child
to platinum cars, my click is that large
To get they dick licked and back massaged by rich chicks
who rock Versace bras in the drop, watchin the stars
I'm finna get these niggas 
That's jockin my rap style off of my dick

[ VERSE 1 ]
I'm insane, so I strain my brain in a flame
Bad dreams
crack, I'm just what you wanna be
Young, rich and famous bitches can't get enough of me
And they runnin' up on me usually in groups of them
But not just
Remi so crazy, rhymes be blazin
Styles just switch like hips on gay men
Trips to the Cayman, rich and famous
Rhymes so hot my spit be flamin
Benz be