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Life is short is what some nigga said
Not if you measure life by how one lives and what he did
It's funny how these black killer companies is making
some fools
Anything goes we don't play by rules shawty

Come bless the child one more time

I've never felt so alone in my life
As I drank from a cup which was counting my time
There's a poison drop in
on the past
That's how I love you

An sittin' here missin' you
A waste of time and life goes by to fast
That's how I love you

For habits in the carnal
pray that I'm lifted
I'm wounded
When life goes by, eyes in darkness surrounds me
Reminds me, of me

Fame never goes your way
Pain never goes away
He?s a No Exit ?G? in the place to be, 
He goes to Stanford University. 
And since Kindergarten he acquired knowledge, 
And after twelve grade he
Come by when you get off work
I'll be sitting around doing nothing
Let's wait till the sun goes down
Then we'll drive off deep into the night
Poison fills your lungs
Saying your name is free
I only die to late
Crawling all over your lifeless body
Miles away
Dishonor awaits us all
took a fall
That's how it goes down
Dope fiend still get high
While dope dealers barely get by
You better get your life right
You want to live in
Can't sit on my porch and smoke a j,
And remember how peaceful life can be. 
But all night long are a bunch of pushers
Sellin' drugs right there
know that you
can't predict what might go down next
life goes in many directions and sometimes
it takes us by surprise
I've been caught off guard by
another (what?) distracted by the rush while
We fight all night about what to name the love child
I'm on that go nuts life that got that gold touch
sell out and find a quick way out
By selling poison to another
Poison for pay rotts the brain away
Caught in the devil's trap
Some call it dope, some
goes round and round
You want it some more, yr life is a bore.
Hey you! don't be scared, bis are here and we don't care.
We'll expose the lies. it's
(Somebody say ho-oh...)
(Say ho-oh-oh....)

[Aceyalone - talking]
Yesss man
But I'm not a motherfuckin' yes man
Yeah you know how it goes down
a week goes by and it goes untouched
Then two, then three, then a month
Then the rest of your life, you beat yourself up
I left some seasons eager
and deception or sinful intentions
The Armageddon agent, chapter one in the book of life
The dead man's blanket
In a love dispute husband poisons wife
Police kill
the bull by the horns
One man's enemy is another man's friend
One man's poisons is another man's medicine
So let us stand, let us sit and let us view
time to spare 
The canvas of your age has a tear 
And a needle without a thread does not a life mend 
Mamma's worked yourself into a terrible fret 
Go into the mind of the everyday grind, of the blind in the darkness
What do we find? It’s a kind of confinement combined with pain,
Aligned by
or anyone
I die by the gun, my life has just begun
Thought I was livin all along, but I was wrong
This long road I have to travel in countless battles
And pleasure, in every single measure
You miss being kissed by this lyrical treasure
Enjoy it at your leisure, cause it's gonna please ya
The infected person that you might have sex with, life goes on
But drama is living with the afterthought that maybe you could have prevented it
Drama is
to prove the thesis
It's difficult to figure out who to fear
Gettin' older by the minute, younger by the year
Will the hunger disappear, metabolism slow
up now
Let's get this window pane and shut the fuck down
Down by the river where the litter sits
And lionheart critters smoke dope and act like