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and steadily smokin marijuana?
Your baby mamma, YOUR MAMMA!

My baby mamma, probably been screwed 
by so many dudes that she's confused
Keep makin
mutha fuckin' life when you play with the rules
They got a n-uh-nigga still singin' the blues


Bitch, next up to bat, Yukmouth
mutha fuckin life when you play with the rules
They got a n-uh-nigga still singin the blues

[Chorus - Yukmouth and Spice 1]
Blow! Niggas boss up
THUGG LORD !!!!!!!
Whut bitch, aiight, AIIGHT!
We got a bitch ass nigga in our presence

A fucking imposter
Get yo ass up
blankin' niggas

I'm jack style
Surrounded by weed smoke
See me and my peoples in the club,
Thugged up, suited in steet clothes

We roll,
[Tech N9ne] (Yukmouth)
Regime killas, ah
What the deal
(It's that lethal)
What's poppin
Regime niggas in this motherfucker for the one nine nine
My itchy finger says fuck it and I squeeze the trigger
Watchin' I be the one to splat this ho-ass nigga
I ain't feelin'

He's Yukmouth

He's Yukmouth, he's thugged out
He's Yukmouth, he's thugged out, thugged out
Yukmouth, he's thugged out
He's Yukmouth, he's
to the franchise
Regime ride to empire
Grant Rice!

[Chorus - Big Krizz Kaliko]
Regime Mobstaz
Regime Niggaz
Regime Killers
Regime Life

{*Yukmouth talking
(Thug niggas throw yo turf in the air!)
Smoke-A-Lot up in this bitch!
(Throw yo hood in the air!)
and regular sex is played out.
I need two women, at one time!
One time!
Verse 1 *(Yukmouth)*
Let's take it back, to the day we first met
I see
I know the whole deal on you tramps[4x]

[Verse 1 - Numskull&Yukmouth]
I got the 411 on you stunts
Ho's rig me up or rig me up, only once
the fuck off, huh? You thought since Dre ain't made a album, we flopped? Fuck that shit nigga! Rap-A-Lot for life nigga! Yukmouth nigga! West Coast don
I'm stuntastic

[ VERSE 1: Yukmouth ]
Boombastic, light a blunt and pass it
Rock a Pippen throwback when he ran with Paxton
Rock a authentic Steve Nash
Regime Life nigga!!
Speak on it!
Tech 9!(Tech 9!)
Phats Boss (Phats Boss)
Gonzoe (Gonzoe)
L.Q. nigga (L.Q.)!

*(Yukmouth talking w/Num in the background)*
Southwest Ridas playboys (Ya highness!)
Fuckin wit tha Luniz (tha Luniz are here!)
We back in this
just afraid, handin' me they bracelets
Chillin' in the lab wasted
I'm the type that'll drink Kahlua and gin, throw up on the mic
Your life is ruined,
(yukmouth) (yukmeezy) (thugged out) (fo' sheezy)
Real playaz do what they want to
Real thugz gon' hustlin

[ verse 2: yukmouth ]
Hop in the ranger rover, mob,
Little boys and girls, listen
A man can get caught up in things (Right)
It's like a gridlock (Right)
He gots ta have it (ugh
up my drunk a lot high
You get the drunk talk, dick feelin right, right, right
All I need is X.O. to set me in
Bitch I don't need yo pussy fought by
Strange Music 10 years in the makin'
Hey man, this feel like I'm in Miami, Florida, man
But reppin' Kansas City at the same time
gonna keep the thuggin alive say 'Pac
we still ballin ballin ballin
rap-a-lot mafia life say 'Pac
we still ballin

Young nob, Kastro, Edi
busted is my top lip
Real busted, real puffy, like a nigga punched me the fuck out
I don't smoke by my mouth taste like big ? like my nigga Yukmouth
Hennessy! (Hindu) 
Pass it! 
It's yo life. 
It's yo life. 
It's yo life. 
Ballin, hit the scene. 

Get yo grind on man.
*(in the background)*

Man that's all he gets is a year man, hell nah!

*(Yukmouth rambling)*

Hey, what's all this?? Hey stop all this confusion.