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Mr. Lif  




{Akrobatik + [Mr. Lif]}
It's Akrobatik
With the final fantasy tactics
Eliminatin' wack shit
[With strategy that's sick]
Teaming with my
shot up yu nine ca we a represent, YU KNO

[Chorus 1]
Jamaicans lif up yu nine, 
two gal inna di club and dem a hug up and a wine
Jamaicans lif up
shot up yu nine ca we a represent, YU KNO

[Chorus 1]
Jamaicans lif up yu nine, 
two gal inna di club and dem a hug up and a wine
Jamaicans lif up
fuckin' up my color!"

[Mr. Lif]
Okay, Jose is working in the slaughterhouse
Said he's living in the hood, but he wants to get his daughter out
Slipped off
Disc Jockey: Oh Lif what up kid?
Mr. Lif: Yo what's the deal fact?
Disc Jockey: Haven't seen you in a mad while you know?
Mr. Lif: Yeah it's been
"Yo, you listenin'?"
"Yo no doubt Lif what's the deal what's happenin'?"
"Yo, basically we just had to break out the heavy artillery on those cats
[Chorus: Playa Fly]
Show some love and keep it real
Mob as far as Fly can see
And this for L-I-F and E
Those who want some they can feel
I am
more, can you play some more
Lif it up, jack it up, pull it up, come again now
Can you play some more, can you play some more

Verse 1: 

Without di

[Mr. Lif]
This is rock bottom why yall, I never expected it
In order to be businesslike you must meet the prerequisite
Leave your
Max like simay
Bring your ass to the battle, see what happens
Give me a beat to rip on, and Mr.Lif will catch frames like a dip-on
Snapshot when my
size so no one survives
You can't believe what you see before your eyes
Yes, the god Lif has returned to terrorize
Armed forces came out ready to brawl
to rip this, come fear witness

[Beat plays for About 20 seconds]
[chorus] x2

[beat changes]

[Mr. Lif begins rapping]
Mic Check!
We had ill static, over
L'Inssan Ligalou
Y Awnou Nass Ma Darrou
Ghirr Kaddabin
Win Fin L'Hannan
Li Fikoum
Ou Maddou Lif Yddikoum
Ghirr Choufou Fihoum

Ou Kayn Ghirr Li Bouhadhoum
done your dance (brah)
I get lifted (lif')
That's what the spliff did (twist)
Fuck christmas (aye)
Been gifted (yeah)
Them man are actors (Why)
(Mr. Lif)
Check it out

Welcome to the outrageous, contagious
Style from Mr. Lif that amazes
Melts down polar caps with solar raps
When I
The plans' covered in asphalt
The Lord told me that its man's fault 
For perpetuating detrimental ways of living we can't halt
Everything inside
The seamen's in the sand, you see 'em from the air
Fu manchu pants had a verbal assassin

Mr. Lif, I settle all things through a megaphone
I spit transmit
him out
Yeah big up to Fakts One, big up my men Edan, Illmind, DJ Sense, Mr. Lif
Big up to a true legend Diamond D, waddup big bro?
To my men
ljúft það er 
að fá furðu smáar hendur að morgni dags um háls á mér
Og gagnvart konu eins og þér er ástin mitt eina svar
og ef það er líf eftir þetta
a rose
Man will put yuh pon di cross too
Lif' up when di killy dem a pass 'thru
Pussy dem wan' see we poor dem noh wan' see we rich
Suck yuh madda
sweat up (lif' up)
Face ah mek up (logo)
Cocky send up (bend up)
Squeeze mi neck, draw mi hair 'til it pull up

So me, set it up fi you ram it out
They're a moan of pain
A Taste of strife
And a sad refrain

A game which lif is pplayin'
Blues can be the livin' dues
We're all a-payin'
Yeah, Oh
an' time again.

Porgy: Time an' time again. Oh, my Jesus!

Serena: Lif' dis po' cripple up out of de dus'!

Porgy: Allelujah!

Serena: And lift
an' strain
Body all achin' an' wracked wid pain,
Tote dat barge! Lif' dat bale!
Git a little drunk an' you lands in jail

Ah gits weary an' sick

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