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you lie to me?

Slightly took a left turn there
But very much 6 am
Slightly been awake for 24 hours
So please forgive me
More ideas
idea to me

Ooh na na na na
Don't tell me you don't want me
'Cause I know it's a lie, lie, lie, lie
Go tell all of your girlfriends
That I was just
In rush reality
Driven by chemistry
Searching for affinity

Oh, what a lie, oh, what a lie
Oh, what a lie, oh, what a lie
Oh, what a lie, oh, what
as the lines flew by

Our words are broken
Commit to sacrifice
Betrayal of the code
Thrust into nothingness
No truth, no lie

Our words are broken

These ghosts are good at what they do. haunting hallways floors imprinted by 24 years of footsteps. the ceiling is wearing thin and any day it
to succeed
Monetary backing they will get
By the claws of corporate greed
True freedom of speech
Occurs when all ideas
Are given equal viewing
To the general
mind is slowly devoured by the ideas to which it subscribes
And in the end I'm left with nothing except the memory of
Believing my own lies
And where are
You and I, what a terrific idea for an act.

Spoken: Oh, listen to the rhymes in the chorus. It's very cole-porter-y.
Camilla, you're sweeter than
Sitting 24 inches off the ground
(That's how ya feel)
A young nigga sellin' fruity by the pound
(That's how ya feel)
And I got the best white in the town
been said 
And you'll lead the conversations that lie ahead 
Whit the empty phrases by which you're led 
Do you know what I heard the other night?
on folded chin to damn the lie. 
Let's serve this brief amid the rush of boos and loud catcalls
Let's finish this right here and now
At the house
to wait so long that weeks and months that passed me by 
You've got no power and my situation don't apply 
You ask me how I am, I lie and say I'm doing
women be right by they side
With they kids in the street
Lighting tires on fire

regardless of sex or age
I will retire them
In 24 hours this place
Well my name is Mick Ryan, I'm lyin still
In a lonely spot near where I was killed
By a red man defending his native land
In the place that they call
the bill, I'd rather die
I'd rather steal than pay the bill, I'd rather lie
We stand like giants we are, we are the same size
I'd rather sleep than work this
Take you with me

But I?m still breathing
So don?t put me on and lie again


Days have gone by
I?m dying inside
Is this, your
Follow you around 'til it's time
Time to leave
Swimming into the idea of your scene
There all the while proving patiently
I earned to lie by you
with kinks
When it all goes down, have no idea what it really means.
To live by words, if scripture is roots,
And the wise hold they tongue when
the bill, I'd rather die
I'd rather steal than pay the bill, I'd rather lie
We stand like giants we are, we are the same size
I'd rather sleep than work this
Seeded by chance on a fertile ground
We were born too soon and grew up too fast
And the garden was lush when we came to light
Nettles in
And the lies
In the law's disguise
And the light will fade
In the evenin' shade
Which is only made
By the sun
Are you dumb.

How do you kill the ocean
How do you
do you have a remedy
Doctor this is not alright by me
Do you think that you have the strength for the city
That sells fantasy

We all lie so
I had big idea
I had a lazy eye
I broke the sacred seal
I told a lazy lie
I've had my conscience bent
I've had my patience tried
I've been up
She won't be seen today 'cause
She was let down by those near
They thrived upon blood and fear
How hard to hold back a tear

She won't be seen today
Relax girl
Sip some of my slurpee
You don't have to lie to me
It's fly to me
And this way
You can have your privacy
And at the same time I can see

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