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The weight of hundred whales
They throw me off the tracks and I ask questions
(Why?) just now they closed my eyelids
(Why?) just now they blurred my lidless
Fear death by water
For it's all in the cards
Start another game of war
In the violet light
the violet hour
Lidless eyes search for something new
Folding into a lidless state
The light never ceases
My eyes turn red from wanting to close
Awake and conscious walking the night
Each lamp burns
Praise be the unseen
Ponder not the ocean
So deep
What lies just below the surface
Will steal your sanity
Foul unclean
Their lidless eyes
lidless eyes
...And the skin won't ever be cleansed from the dirt

Come here
Now come here
Let me smell your fears

Cry here
Now cry here
Let me enjoy your
Lidless eyes twitching beneath a sheet of rot
They reach out, they want to kiss - It matters not

In dreams it speaks to me of the truth that means
I just love this part of the world
The food's fine and the sun shines
And the people seem so relaxed
They ride motorbikes lidless
It seems like
The meaning escapes me
Dry and lidless are my eyes
Asleep, awake, reading the slurred debris

This image is, a night-terror transforming
With that lidless gaze, 
I am ruined. [Repeats: x2]

I need to be saved. [Repeats: x2]
Pick me up [Repeats: x2]
And I'll find my way back home
Legs spread flesh torn, still gagging on the stench of chloroform
Lidless eyes shards of glass as I mutilate you pray for the pain to pass

whiskey those pills?

The lidless can't see
The leafless can't leave
The sun obscures your eye
So don't look to me
For the answers you seek
They're stuck
inward hell through lidless eyes my prison cell
All I see are smiling faces, do they not have pain
I try to laugh, I try to grin, I try I try to keep this
Trapped in a lidless box
We're a piece in their place
Surrounded by invisible locks
Wish it all could fly away
Words drip off my tongue
The night's
I once was terrified, consumed with fright 
Lidless eyes kept me awake every night 
But you, you came into my life and drowned 
Out the whole world
Beneath the lidless gaze
Creatures born from madness
Cry with fits of rage
Renewed shall be blade that was broken
Hammer of the forge
Has been swung
Closer to the center
When nothing was stuck here yet
No debris spiraling toward inferno
No lidless cosmonauts barreling throughout
They all froze,
forget to blink
How the sun becomes a flood
And forces us to dust
Hatchet chops an angel's wing

Dear nowhere, I'm lidless
And ghostly Spanish moss grows
An awkward poke to check 
If your desires are still fresh 

I'll stick my foot into my mouth 
To keep this shit from going south 
Our lidless eyes surveying
caught off guard

Suffering weekly, and wrapped in saran
No spoils for lidless ham

Donny disguises whenever he can 
Whenever I can, uh huh

We are
Blood is shed in sanctuary
The dragon's eyes are lidless and awake
The garden will become a battlefield
The catacombs are ripe and set to break
of possessions|For the man who has nothing at all?'||I've gazed into the lidless eyes of department stores at night|I saw the painted asphalt labyrinths of yellow,
and the brightness of the

i should pray to the threefold essence
i´m a creature of the

all my strongholds built with faint steel
even the lidless eye
there naked and defiled
shall you stand in front of the lidless eye

To my houses of pain i will take you
to my dungeons forsaken by hope

She'll come at dusky first of day
White over yellow harvest's song
Upon her dewy rainbow way
She shall be beautiful and strong
The lidless eye

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