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Far beyond all light 
Within the black and the coldest breeze
Caressed by the dark, I had my sleep

Awakened by the moon
Nocturnal life, my
(I want to show it to you)
Tear down all the walls, then enjoy
(I want to push it through)
Invite the light
When blood stains blood tonight

My blood beats black tonight!

No need for comfort 
No need for light
I am hunting for secrets tonight
Eat the sorrow lick the spark
You oh
To carry on living

Black prairies
And a knife of light
Dare to earth
Of an andaluz boy

Bullrings of villages in fiesta
Looks for the opportunity
many licks does it take till ya get to the center of the...
(I've got to know)
How many licks does it take till ya get to the center of the...
My blood is released
And I lick the wounds

Now I am the beast
Together with other immortals
Summoning thy ancient ones
Until end of time
He once ruled the chamber 
Now it's his tomb 

Hung by their feet 
Drained of blood 
Swallowed by death 
Greed of this place 
The black wings of chaotic darkness possess our souls, hellfires lick our tears. 
The sun bleeds, it is now gone. 
With chaos came death and pain. 
There’s a graveyard by the station
Where the girls wear nylon skirts and
Sandals ?
The boys ride their Riga 1’s
Upon the little hill
Niggaz do anything for a Lil' Kim poster
Eses, Bloods, Crips, all the thugs
Up North in the hole, they all want to know

How many licks does it
Immortality sucked greedly at my throat
They shall lick the dust like serpents
Hold your tongue
Get the behind me

Your church makes me vomit
What say you of harvest
And what say you now of blood
What say you, on this, the longest day
What say you, king of the wood

Crowned by
I lost my pride 
Now I'm left with lipstick traces on my cheeks.

Calm down 
My father next to me 
Fake pace brought on by chemistry 
can tell you by your side 
The way that you breathe 
Passionate love, lust and bone 
I can feel the blood 

Pumping in your veins 
I feel your
Neglects the children
Dagger licks her neck
Desiring escape
Succumbing Satan
Robbed by the seventh deadly sin

Forcing her own blood down
All see light in oceans black
Go seek find the red seas fire
Blow ship by those sail blind
Choosing one loosing blood
You try exchanging
No I
One hope, one voice, one light we see
One body, one heart, one destiny
Joined in Your body, joined in Your blood
Eternally united by Your love

And the numbers that came
Through the fire and the flood
Clung to the tree
And were redeemed by the blood

From the tree streamed a light
many licks does it take till ya get to the center of the...
(I've got to know)
How many licks does it take till ya get to the center of the...
bring the light
Bring the light to me

Here and gone oh I trust
You'd spit upon my dust
And mix my ash with your blood
A son of God you know you
Drowned in this screaming silence
Embraced by shadows, they tear me
The wormholes free my eyes

The blood boils - it knows
My thoughts burn
Bring you back to me, lick, and roll, and raise your inner sun

Live and die for it
Swearing by black maths
In bed, we're fed, we're wed
And unembarrassed
floor is thumpin' spring released and
My little girlfriend's hanging light
I feel the blood rush pumpin' haulin'

Late July fire in the dance hall
Operatic by voice
A fanatic by choice
Aromatic is the flower
She must be moist

Blood sugar baby
She's magik
Sex magik sex magik

with kinks
When it all goes down, have no idea what it really means.
To live by words, if scripture is roots,
And the wise hold they tongue when

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