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tibit Pater)

Beata Maria
You know I'm so much purer than
The common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd

(Quia peccavi nimis)

Then tell me, Maria
licentious crowd

Quia peccavi nimis (That I have sinned)

Then tell me, Maria
Why I see her dancing there
Why her smold'ring eyes
I'm still not satisfied!

Stories of tortures
Used by debauchers
Lurid, licentious and vile,
Make me smile.

Novels that pander
To my taste for
Licentious masses rejoicing in sin
Larva faced sluts fucking the ghouls
The rancid bodies will copulate
Their barren world they repopulate

will rule
Stinking of death, zombies will roam
Through the whore the world was crushed
An orgy of death, cadavers of lust

Licentious masses
face, how your ass is pumping
Sweet licentious songs. lover face
You're a scandal, your body is so wrong, wrong

Bless my lips with your Sunlandic
She shook and gasped in licentious greed
Turned by mutual whisper
Wrapped up in bewitched body shower
Forbidden fruits taste better
Primitive caress
the poker make them strip skin
All from my licentious grin
Turnstiles spin as the freaks squeeze in
Just to hear me speak the news like 1010 WINS
Fire dance with me 
Let me be the most licentious martyr 
Sear me
and souls to even
Analyze it? Or should it rest in
Secrecy? All I know is that I can't
Deny its licentious attraction,
So I want the spirit to speak.
to a science
Unleashing wrath and vengeance
Egotistic author of disdain
Praising the fame

Insolent homicides - Thrill Killer

Licentious avarice
Licentious feasts they've started
Malicious incantations
Collected hate to bind the night

Their fragile souls they've buried
The breath of life
ancient Khem
Hurling you in the storm of the self
Anomalous birth of the rapacious lord
Receive the gift from the lawless god

Licentious resurrection

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