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time to run
Grab your guns cause beef with me and Petey P. hide your sons
Double-are motherfucker
Let me slow this shit down before why'all make us
I'm not tryin' to start anything
By comin' up to you tonight
I know that he's yours now
It's sinkin' in with time
But tonight I've had to much
Hey Katie
You really look great tonight
I think about you all the time
Your color up my life

Just maybe
You'll let me take you home tonight
And I think we'll blow up like dynamite

Come on girl, get with me, let's see the city
You can stop by, let me see them tig ol' bitties
We can stay in
eyes to seven
Oh, this world is not my home
A broken heart in danger
And a pillow filled with tears
Oh, can you see the strangers ?
In the pain