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(Yo Wayne Wonder, you ready to talk to the girls, let's go)

[Verse 1: Wayne Wonder + (Wyclef Jean)]
I will be knockin by the time me come
Let's go

Say Lil One
(Lil Wayne)
One what's happenin' with you big dog
Look I need to talk bout some serious shit
(Lil Wayne)
I can't make a deal with the preacher, you know yeah
And I can't make a bargain in heaven, yeah, yeah

Heaven knows me by now
I can't make a deal
a king beneath the sea
Let's see you get by underwater as well as I do on the ground
I am Aquaman and you better not mess around
There are days I swear I
have to wonder
We can always play by ear
But that's the deal my dear

Lucky that my lips not only mumble
They spill kisses like a fountain
Lucky that my
make me lesser
Just, dealin' with the peer pressure

The pressure, dealin' with the peer pressure
(You gotta find a way to deal with)
The pressure,
a nigga to jail
Cause they loving a freak

(Lil' Wayne)
In my section it be off the heezy
And my section's being represented by Lil' Weezy
What the deal
Lil Wayne could not have found him a better successor
Every shot you see them take at me? They all contested
Allen Iverson shoe deal, these niggas
around your neighborhood and you wake up with bodies by your house

(Hook [Lil Wayne])
darling off that heezing darling 
I', surrounded by the ice it got me freezing darling 
It's plain and simple 
My change and it's natural 
Now Wayne
It makes me wonder did I turn down a better deal
If I had another chance to think it over
I'm sure I'd found someone with more appeal
There are
I'm calling you daddy
Can you be my daddy
I need a daddy
Would you be my daddy
Come and make it wayne down on me
make these walls?

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Yea, I'm with you
My shovel get me to your level
Cause I dig ya
I Stevie Wonder, ponder, think, figure, dream
The pressure
(You gotta find a way to deal with) dealin' with the peer pressure

As a young black teen, everyday I, deal
With the pressure
Give it up we want to live it up [give it up]
Give it up for the most slept on since pepto bis when
time warner let go prince
Ridin by betta get yo
[Lil Wayne]
Okay, let's cut the crap
I'm straight gangsta - forget the rap
I only stick with that 'cause my ma don't wan' see me
tears to cry
So don't so say you don't know I'm right
When I say we'll get by

Ain't no big deal to say I love you still
Call out my name, I'll be
[Lil Wayne]
Got a early call from Kisha
Kisha wanted me to meet her
She said she thought it was time to make the relationship get deeper
Let me tell you what I like
You goin' on an breakin' me off by the end of the night
You can ride with me
Cause I like ya simmon's jeans
Ain't tryin'
the junkyard funk
Shit gets out of hand, I got a Tec in the trunk
Let's flip the ill shit kid, yo he looped it
Hardcore, straight to make you brothers act stupid
Guaranteed to satisfy
It's a real funky deal
Don't let it pass you by
If your evening sun don't shine, my friend
Tell you what I'm gonna do 
I'm gonna
To make the second state of the heart
And a simple taste of love
To lift us up

It's easy enough to believe
'Cause we're working on this deal for life
a woman with cladd
But way doem to earth
I could tell by the way
You let them down easy
When the other guys try to flirt and I'd do
I would
head to fuck your mans and cut him a side deal
Of all your prized possessions if you let her get yours
Bitch we keep it raunchy everything will remain
You'll never have to wonder
We can always play by ear
But that's the deal my dear

Lucky that my lips not only mumble
They spill kisses like