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the tapwaters on the waters off the waters leaking
so this is blue
my frame reportedly spotted garden variety burners and lost to normalcy
my terms the memoir
get by your brain
Now ain't it good to you?

Ah-yo Keith, how you say?
Just another Boogie Down Bronx Ultramagnetic sure shot
Done at the Ultra lab
I'ma keep the story short like a book that's read by midgets
Borinkins on the map, 130 pounds, go weight it
'swel it's Borinqieun so let me say it
So I resign this chorus line
When linked we let our eyelids fall and pilots stall
With what I sing I'll open lash light and dark clash to dim
[ Mos Def ]
I know the Brooklyn crews like to do it
I know the Uptown crews like to do it
Yo, still the Boogie Down crews like to do it
The big you