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of the sun

Can't be too careful bout the friends you keep around you
Some who never let you down
Some who fail you every day
And it's a blatant
Let me begin by telling you
Something that happened turned my head around
I took a walk on a cloudy day
I met a friend, this is what he said
shots but you at the top floor
Let 'em pop shit, give 'em some drugs to go pop with
Need white women at the shows unconscious
If not that then ciphers
Tell me good things tell me that my world is safe

You pass by bars with empty stages
Three o'clock drinkers fall by
Chairs are placed on top
And I know too
It??s been the hardest day for you
Let??s throw them out the
That??s what those lovers do
Down by the river
I was drawn by
DVD?s clogged arteries and MP3?s, 
He?s got this antisocial mental brain disease. 
And I want to break him out, want to show him the world. 
the days, you got your grind on.
smokin that weed, drinkin that brew,
you like the lowrider? I like the lowrider too!

caddy hop baby, caddy hop (3
And I know too it'’s been the hardest days for you
Let’'s throw them out the window
That’s what those lovers do

Down by the river, I was drawn by

I'm blinded by your grace
Every night, every day
And I was lost, yeah
But ever since you found me
I'm blinded by your grace
on the operating table
Praying for Canibus to slice you from head to navel
You banned from TV, banned from CD's
Banned from DVD's and downloadable MP3s
from the sun reflect on my tooth
And I make - DVD's light up in my coupe
I think I feel I know I make money, how bout you?


[Verse Three]
DVD's steady diamonds
Got these big ballers grindin'
You know lil mama don't play
Nigga let the G's loose
I'm bout that bank playboy
Let them be	's
of grace sold by the pound
If it falls let it crumble to the ground
Burn the commune down

How soon we forget the time that we've spent
It comes
and let him in.
Let the Lord show you his love,
A mighty, mighty conquer.

It's by God's grace,
All things through Christ Jesus.
No weapon formed against me
for my homies, Pat and DJ Screw
R.I.P. dawg cause I really miss you
Boy I'ma stay true, until the day I fall
East coast and West coast, this is how we
the sun comes back around.

Take me down, take me down by the water, water,
Pull me in until I see the light,
Let me drown, let me drown, in you honey,
I was raised by the good book
Learned to work hard every day
Thought that if you can't say something good
There's nothing good to say
And I
On that day when I see
All that You have for me
When I see You face to face
There surrounded by Your grace

All my fears swept away
There, but for the grace of our gods go you and I
Down roads none dare to follow
Sands buried the graves of our former lives
Smile and wave
'Cause Screwed Up Click acting bad

You might see me in the benzo
Sitting on Lorenzos, blowing on some endo
It's five o'clock so I'ma drop my top, and let
Gonna hop in the hack, then turn on the key
Pop in the clutch, let the wheels roll free
Not a cloud in the sky, such a sunny day
Push in the button,
If you believe in what I say,
Open up and let him in.
Let the Lord show you his love,
A mighty, mighty conquer.

It's by God's grace,
All things
cop her, a 2000 and 3
Make her smile, when she sees Spre's
I can get you on cd's, and DVD's
Take you to BB's, and PCBG
I can get you in the places,
Taking you home to the crib, in the Chi
And everytime I see your thighs, I cry when I drive by
Watching you should be a thrill, got the fellas
of going round and round,
Take the Word and knock 'em down.
He'll forgive you of your sins
Open up and let him in.
Let the Lord show you his love,

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