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the hardcore that came before Columbus
Discover no other serve the soul on a dish
Okay means official kid, not decrepit though
The lyrical dynamo set the flow
on HIM enough, ask me
The flow nasty like Flint water in cups, easy

It’s Grand Skeena, GOD’S 9 Millimeter
LIVING WATER by the river come and get
sat by.
Yes Yes, is the music there for listening,
Is the poetry there for perception for even tired eyes?
Let's rub noses in the smell of things,
and walk with me
Let us drink together from the fountain of love
Look in to my eyes and you?ll realise
That your love flows from the fountain of love, 
There is a feeling deep inside
That drives you fuckin' mad
A feeling of a hammerhead
You need it oh so bad

Adrenaline starts to flow
thrashing all
Uh, uh

Let's take it back to basics
When shit gets worse, we converse
How we need a new balance
Before the lines get crossed like Asics
It's Saturday night, I'm feeling on song
I think I'm alright, I know I'm all wrong
The drink that I had three hours ago
Has been joined by
the one
Hold on to the feeling
And don't let it go
'Cause we got the flow now
Get out of control
I wanna stay up all night
And do it all with you
Up, up, up
know that we're home
(Unless we should, we'll let 'em believe it)
Got the music nice and low
I don't want nothing to break the flow

It's about
Turn me up, don't turn me down
Cut me up, don't let me down

Find, find a way
Find a way to get out, wit out, hit out
You dig in, dig out, you get
The future ain't what it used to be
Let's go back to Tennessee
Mountain high and valley low
Let's build down where the waters flow

Dig a well, pump
on life we are livin, yeah
let it flow, 'cause it won't stop
and when the kind consciousness, yes, come unto you
you will know and it won't stop
when I
feeling stuck in pain, forever

go go go go go tonight, you
sigh and sigh inside you long for
more, more of the life you had be-
fore fore fore, let
Do you ever go
To the places we both were known?
Do you walk where we used to roam?
And do your thoughts go by me in their flow?

When I'm
to me, run to me
And it ain't too cool to pass by
But you say yeah, baby, let's ride
You fucking with the right guy
And I know you're feeling me
Every time I let you know
Gotta let the feeling flow
Gotta let it fly by

(Too deep, too deep, too deep, too deep)
Can't help the way
love with you
Well, let me start by saying
You got my heart by just being who you are
And what we got is between me and you
It doesn't matter about
never leaving harmony

Hello, baby hello
Open up your heart and let your feelings flow
You're not unlucky knowing me
Keeping the speed real slow
In any
Look, homicide is illegal, death is a penalty
Never let go when you've got ahold of your enemy
Eagle claw cobra clutch by any means necessary
Make sure you feel this life
Flow all inside of you now

All this song will always be
Better by children
Let then sing
For always be the light
My life, high life is perfect,
My truck, my girl, all worth it

Feeling good, feeling nice, we can do it all night
Moving and grooving to the flow
I'll silly putty you for the money
Red sauce, calamari you with the feeling's funny
I'm dealing twenties killing forties by the oz
My brain is
Here we go again
Feeling so small inside
I could implode
By my own ways of weakness
Wash me white as snow
Let me start again
Oh, let your
the border by the morning, let Texas fill my soul, 
Yeah let Texas fill my soul.
Come on let's go! 

The tears start to flow about the time that I was
of the never, never, never leaving harmony

Hello, baby hello
Open up your heart and let your feelings flow
You're not unlucky knowing me
Keeping the speed

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