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tone in your voice
You're gonna quit, James
You leave me no choice.

Oh, James
Letting me down again, James.

Well, it wasn't so long ago
I saw love in

I'd like to take this time to thank people who are gathered around me here
At least we've come this far on a really tough
King James version
'Cause out of Africa
Came the Garden of Eden

I don't wanna lose ya
I don't wanna lose ya
Never let them fool you
I don't wanna
King James version
'Cause out of Africa
Came the Garden of Eden

I don't wanna lose ya
I don't wanna lose ya
Never let them fool you
I don't wanna
side of an island
Never thought this many people would even know my name
As time flies, way above me
For you I've cried, tears sea-deep
Oh glory,
Written by James O'Gwynn

Talk to me, oh lonesome heart
Help me through this lonely night
Lie to me and tell me ev'rything's alright
Talk to me, oh
Just let the good times roll

It's only natural, baby
You and me dancing close
This could be love
You never know

Just take my hand now, baby
We can
Let's make this Christmas mean something this year
Let's make this Christmas mean something this year

Hi everybody, this is James Brown
This is
James, he came to my place
He said he had to see my face
He hopes that we can still be friends
In his own way, he'll love me til the end

to be
Although it's been so long since you were by my side
I'll keep holding on and won? let this love die.

I'm gonna make it, I will wait for you
And flip that, on video
You and me yo, is you wit' that
And Scotta to Prada, can you fit that?
Let me get that

Verse Two: Rick James
Girl you don't
On the way to your brother's house in the valley, dear,
By the river bridge a cradle floating beside me.
In the whitest water on the banks against
made you cry
That's what makes me love you
You see the world in a rozy glow
You're my lady, my sentimental lady

Old Brando and we loved James Dean
on a pond
Say if I had ways
Like a bullfrog on a pond
I would ride right 'chere
Lie in sweet mama's arms 

You love once ain't, forever 
You know babe, two
you leave me
what will I do?

every time that
I get next to her
I'm hung up in this ring of fire

if I love her
should I let her go
or should I
gonna ride the Conch Train, boys,
And be like Jesse James.
Gonna be like Jesse James, boy...
Gonna be like Jesse James.
Case you didn't hear me the first
you're the only woman
show me what love can be
you're the only woman
that understands a man like me

rock and roll is a way of life
but don't you
never get the last nail outta the cross 
Befuddled by life and alone in death 
My dearest companion is crystal meth 
Dinosaurs callin' me back in time
on my hips, lips reactin'
Goosebumps, pumps in the air
Love like this is rare, so I don't even care
Say ooh, I need to make you happy
You just so black
Now but her mama an papa
They sho' don't 'llow me me 'round

I'm gon' sing you a song, baby
I ain't gon' sing no more
I'm gon' sing this song, baby
the safe side
You said will somebody take me

Down town
Another James Brown
You made the same sound
You said will somebody write this down, down

Jesse James and Frank James
Billy Kid, all the rest
Supposed to be some bad cats
Out in the West
But when they dug me
And my gangster ways
Jesse James

And that's a motherfucking shame
You came around this motherfucker and let me do ya like Jesse James

Think it's a motherfucking game?
'em away

When I'm driving my car I wanna go fast
But there's this slow car, won't let me pass
I flash my lights. I honk my horn.
Well.... I have
Written by Paul Frank
Lead vocals by James Young

I have seen you
walk in my dreams
casted high against the sky

let me meet you
let me greet