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And after that I burn rubber when I jump in my Vette'
Yet his hoes raise up but it ain't come out yet, I'm speed racin'

On 20's (on 20's)
Even tho' I know it's only
Me and my dreams
That drive me so let me go please
Let me go onto tomorrow
One day at a time
Now I know the only foe
ducking when you running or they gonna hit ya
Them West side guys will get ya
Burning the rubber off the 20's before they get with ya

Them South side boys
told 'em get this glass and get da fuck away from me hoe
And every where I go it became an instant cut
'Cause they knew I had them 20s and dem big fat
platinum rolls white, yellow gold
Got the world in my hand won't let it go
I'm not a lightweight 'cause I got heavy dough
Young dude ice so chunky
Game so
I'm the shit ho
Uh, half a ticket at your mama house
Uh, in all 20's in your mama couch
Uh, we drop them bitches in the microwave
Uh, I made
the police be hollering bout my crew 
Is that about this little life of mine you see, 
Have me sitting on 20's 'fore I turn 16. 
Wouldn't trade it in for

(Chorus 2x)

We ridin 20s on the cars and 26s on the trucks

And everybody diggin us it ain't no limit to the bucks
We makin noise in the game
to get it back
And when the night was over I took his girl home
I dimmed the lights and showed her that I was bad..

[ VERSE 3 ]
Now I'm in my 20s with
they don't want to holla

If you ain't got 20's if you ain't got dollars
Bitch fuck that shit we still gon pimp
We go ride through the streets we go hit
(Believe that daddy)
Bet a hundred, shoot a hundred (Believe that daddy)
It's my block, I run it (Believe that daddy)
Got them 20's on ya ride (Believe
They don't count by spokes no more, they counting by inches
Them ain't 20's on my ride, them 22's you jive bitches
Switching lane to lane,
ride Navigator its my Navigator
I feel like Tela "bound by haters"as I
Slide by Jaimiaca sippin medicine
We wanna bring our cups in but they won't
Let us
ride Navigator its my Navigator
I feel like Tela "bound by haters"as I
Slide by Jaimiaca sippin medicine
We wanna bring our cups in but they won't
Let us
[Dani] (Missy)
Truck on 20's and the rims is spinnin'
Everybody get with it (honk your horn), get with it
If your windows is tinted and your truck
I thought but I'm on mine
Pockets full of 20's and strapped with a nine
So run up brothers and feel if that you can
But you will get hit by
Back in history in the roaring 20's there was a law called prohibition
No one was to drink or make alcohol
Today in the 90's we have a new law
the air
It's like who,what,when,where?

It's you I need with me
Baby why can't you see
I am the man you want
Baby no need to front

See let's go
I go by the name... (I'm yo' pusha) 
of Pharrell from the Neptunes...
And I just want to let why'all know... (I'm yo' pusha)
The world is
To keep food in my tummy
Tha ghetty ghetty green
On them 20's ridin' clean
Cause paper chasin' 
Just I'm like a fiend
It's yo boy Project Pat
collection you see
Chain worth a millie you sill wille a millie and 20
Uh man I pass out 50s an 20s
I pass out 50s an 20s I pass out 100s and 50s
We make
Well, I smoke and lean tryna get high
On Cloud 9 tryna reach they sky
We call it dro', ya'll call it lye
All I need is a sweet to get me by

New York
But its half in Miami
Nigga move your wait
My dimes be one point O's, 20's be two point 2's
Bring a snack and some fruit punch too
And you
the club juss swervin'
Hit the hit the parking lot by the club juss swervin'

Sat it on dem big 6's couldn't play games with dem 20's
That wet paint is
I call you don't try to front, uh huh

I'm the guy in your dreams that you had last night
I'm the Benz with the 20's that you want to drive

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