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Yes I'm all yours...
I'm legit, legit, legitimately yours Called, saved, made cos you gave Yes you gave

You gave yourself for me,
How could I
I kidding
Not really

This is legitimately a bit further downer
This is legitimately a bit further downer

I bit down, looked up, ate nails, drank
riding dirty, on the streets I was chasing dough
Legitimately I'm making money but I run from cops when I'm on the road
This my life, this is my cause
You deal with anything to live legitimately
But you gone find if you do get in this industry
It's best to be business with me than against me
I cannot get over legitimately
The reality of my surroundings
Do not point to the sky
So why should I even try
(When there's nuthin' out there
As you say
"I wouldn't trade it for nothing"

The physical ability, with mental capability
Legitimately places me inside of your vicinity
And I
therefore there is no excuse
I been so true I'm so overdue for this ocean view
My city is about the ability, lyrics and soul
Making my money legitimately
don't keep it cheap when I roll the weed and hit the streets
Feel relieved when I spliff legitimately driftin' off please when I reach the kind of high I
Diligently and legitimately
You should try it 'fore you envy
Green ain’t your color try another
You never shuddered through the coldest winters
Never sweated
this system submissive to that money green
I mean how silly is it, seriously, hoarding colored paper
That's legitimately worth about as much as water
the sudden bummer and a bringer of bad news

And if that kid runs through tonight
It's a sparring on sight

If serotonin's legitimately significant to you
Tryna make it legitimately a nigga cannot sell his soul
I'm thinking of bangers I'm thinking of lyrics while i load another bowl
I really prefer
not gonna lie from time to time
You're still on my mind but that's legitimately passing by
Now I can draw a line and see what to leave behind
I just

Ooooohhh nooooo
It's not all it's cracked up to be
Ooooohhh nooooo
It's another Ponzi scheme
Ooooohhh nooooo
It's not all it's cracked up to be
teri chaal thi dheeli
Toh rap karle theek hai par aukaad ho jitni
And that's the reason legitimately affiliated MCs fucking hate me
Aur kuch log inner
your abusive behavior but I just can't let you win
I'm legitimately tired of being walked all over
By these insecure babies who think that they're men
Making my Way and it's all made Legitimately 

Love when some clowns try to doubt my abilities 
There's something about it that ignites the thrill in me
Cliche but we really had a bond like clay
Now you hiding from your shadow
Ground hogs day
Legitimately thought of you as worth all the battles
Wagering our
Tryina’ be equivalent
So, I can be legitimately sound in this industry
Other rappers ain’t hearing me
I got god flow, I be ripping it
I got doper lines than
yeah that’s just how it is, fo real
But ain’t packing no steel
I’m tryna move legitimately tryna make me a mil
Yeah I got my homies wit me, yeah I be
stand and fight
Then the hood burn down we all paying the price
When they see you as a nuisance they legitimately ruthless
I’m just getting used to all
to hammer out a pen
If you don't have it, get it, fuck commandment number ten
Be legitimately ill, and you'll terrify the village
Yeah I killed you bitch, but
I'm indigenous
Legitimately getting it no other way around it
If you pouting, obviously you ain't thinking thousands
Even preachers can't do without
the chains for change stop capping
A turning point to allow positive growth
Getting gamers legitimately hyped and super happy
Do your thing conquer that change

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