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Then the tanks came rolling down
Sunset Boulevard
And I hear America snoring

They want ta' legislate the moon
They want ta' legislate

Invaders came to violate, to subjugate and legislate
Put our homes and farms to fire to feed the greed of their Empire

R'Vannith, R'Vannith,
debate, but now them blackies legislate 
So leave for Anglo-Aussie shores
There you'll find your heaven, as we all start again 
'cause we don't need, who
shroud of indifference belies our benevolent tones

So tell me why
You fight for your life then you throw me away
Tell me why
You legislate
Manipulate the mind with hypnotical legislate,
We far from the fakes,
We never fake moves,
But jealous motherfuckers since the justice approves,(and talk
be held by the same hand 

What's it gonna take to liberate? 
An emancipation, a false proclamation? 
All these token words that you legislate
the real bosses passed bills in city hall
Legislate the law for the homies cookin' raw
The razor blades, rocks get chopped on fine china
My blocks
He legislates our cares away,
We stand in line to pay our income tax.

There's no capitol like our state capitol,
It's lit up like Broadway.
Move weight legislate like extended caucus
And I know how the game should be locked up
I know all the dope fiends veins will be popped up
I know that
You cannot legislate against wrongful encouagement 
You'll hear my words
On the winds 'cross the sand
If you should return
To that black barren
I'm tired of the insane running things,
And I won't stop tryin' for change.

We legislate and educate trying to find
A way to fix the broken dream.
And the abuse is fueled of duel-losers
To make fools of the schools and pool Bueller's
The crusade to legislate oxygen
And put it in a box just like Desiree
Showers of your crimson blood 
Seep into a nation calling up a flood 
Of narrow minds who legislate 
Thinly veiled intolerance 
Bigotry and hate
if you want to get yo groove on, LOC on
to the fullest, bounce rock skate,
a new time, a new rhyme, legislate
that's how we do it in the S-I-X
the holy herb, get high as hell and meditate
Swear to God, shit's so good, fat boy'll levitate
God gift to man, how the fuck they try to legislate
a second let us say that we can legislate
Unanimous emancipation, freedom reigns, and yes, it's great
We cannot cure prejudice or righteous, desperate hate
the pulpit
Stressin' to help me, seemed like I was born by mistake
While the races dominate, got me victim to the Legislate'
I'm playin' for kicks, hustle
the pulpit

Stressin' to heaven, seemed like I was born by mistake
While the races dominate, got me victim to the Legislate'
I'm playin' for kicks, hustle
frickin's apple you've sapped this commitment's castle cool dope excellent
Food clothes medicine
It's tough to legislate when scum tongue down a dinner
Push the tap, and i watch the sewer drain out
Lies lies lies, what i've been talkin about
Well not old school like i use to (used to)
hesitated but underestimated
Yeah we run the streets watch me legislate it
We some hood stars gotta celebrate it
Bout to blow watch me detonate it
You can
I been X'ing off my list
I can't get em off my dick, no

Authorize and legislate
Hidden in 3rd or 2nd place
I don't really wanna be with fame
I just
a ring on every finger
And a thumb in every stake
And every stake would be the singer's
And acknowledged, I would legislate

The in my Hong Kong
let the bullies
Set the rules

And you can legislate and oppress
And you can make my life a mess
But you can't change the way I feel
Or convince

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