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What's behind those baby blues right now
How far did you go deep down inside
Follow you heart don't live a lie
Life will pass you by in the blink
the one that you'd leave behind

Cause after Halloween
Everything starts fading
I'm losing everyone
I go down like the sun
You know what I mean
people are deaf, dumb, and blind they get left behind 

Imagine in the ghettos of the mind
left of my pride but
I refuse to hide, behind the silence and smiles
It's been a while though, you hearin me now
Remember every foul comment that you
to a tape by slayer
Parked in a parking lot behind burger king
Eatin a raw pack of chicken wings
With blood on my fingers I blast a CD by the staple
(spoken word sample)
Like Manson, like Manson
Something's fucked up here, it's just not right

(M. Sayyid)
I left my crib and slid like some
your last show
Rush it then, I'm only out on a furlough
Time is money, and money is time
I see I left you scared to stand behind me
Frontline, stand
the baseline like six by nines 
Crack addicts and Reggie Miller 
That's fo reala 
I X more Hollywood Squares than Phillis Dilla