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I didn't work my ass off
Just so you can leech off me
These niggas are pulling these scams off
And I don't want it to cost me
Why!? Do niggas keep
Stop using me please stop using me
Stop using me just please stop using me
You're just a fucking leech
Taking it all from me
You never let me breathe
An apparition of what he was
Fear the Leech
For he knows
Fear the Leech
Malignance shows
Fear the Leech
Suffer his pain
Fear the Leech
Play his game
Dog eat shit
Dog strain leash
Mount bitch sire runt
Dog whine for lust
Dog kill Dog hunt
Dog kill Dog hunt

Leech stab vein
Leech sip slit
Leech suck
To the background
No one ever sees you coming
You'll fade into the background
To the background
You're worse than nothing

You're a leech
You're clinging on
leech and feed
And dispose of you entirely 
Drown me with your sweat
Push me underneath
Speaking of the memories 
Of who we used to be

Now later,
on the floor

You're a leech, and an energy vampire
A provocateur and pure insane
The devil's in you but you take it out on me
What's wrong with you? Just pure
Either way I'll get it on my own I'm not a leech
Ask for my opinion you're gonna be mad at me
Ask for the facts you're gonna be mad at me
Ahh he
Worm-entangling reprisal
Dying within the scorn!

Blood-sucking leech
Blood-sucking leech
Psychopathic vicious mind,
Revolting parasitic worm!
I am the liar
I am the leech
I am the liar
I am the leech
Give me something
Give me something to attach to
I am the leech
Draining the life from you
playin' for keeps (keeps)
Suck a dick gang, she a leech (leech)
Came in the game with a key (key)
My pockets blew up, Monique (Monique)
Ooh, she got
You say you the shit let's argue
You really gettin' rich let's argue
Do you help out your people
Or are you a leech
No church but I preach
Lie to my face
A crushing fall from grace
The years of being a thief
You're a fucking leech
Breaking out from
No restitution
You kill for life
A feeding frenzy
Suck it dry
Peel the leech
Who lives off me
No reparations
For me
Can't stand on your own
Two feet
Sucking out the life of anyone that you can reach
A mind so sick

Blood sucking leech
Life taking leech

Blood sucking leech
Life wasting
Release this corrupt leech
Change your mindset
Release this corrupt leech
Your hate has no place
Release this corrupt leech
Your hate has no place
clear my skin
Off this leech leech

Cos you know everybody
Got their own days
If she my ride or die
Then I'm expecting her to stay
I got God on my side
a leech
Gnashing your teeth
You're just a leech
And You sharpen your tongue
You're just a leech
Drying out and filling up
You're just a leech
And you'll die
I gave a little speech
About how I don't ever wanna be a leech
And I asked if you think we're like whales and barnacles
You said "yes I would say so"
You're like a leech
Sucking the life out of me
And I cannot breathe
You're like a virus in the atmosphere
And I want you to leave 
Leave me alone

I keep forgetting where I wanna go
And no, I don't, I never feel at home
Yeah, yeah, feed in my throat like a leech
I guess I'll keep-keep
Süht et och su us, als jing de Welt hück unger
Maach e Leech aan
Nix bliev, wie et wor, alles drop un drunger
Maach e Leech aan
E Leech för die
and leech off someone else for the rest your life
Bloodsucker (whoa, oh)
(Whoa, oh)
Bloodsucker (whoa, oh)
Go and leech off someone else for the rest your
get a forward
Ya nah see di whole ah dem ah parasite dem a leech
Dem tink bout Addi more than dem Woman
Dem a fish inna di sea, Gaza deh pon di beach

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